Can NFL in NY Get Worse? Eli, Geno, Goodell Say Yes!

GOLLY, Coach Coughlin..
GOLLY, Coach Coughlin..
GOLLY, Coach Coughlin.

NEW YORK, NY – Well, you still have the Rangers to cheer for! And how ’bout them Islanders?!  Okay, it’s been an apocalyptic collapse on the gridiron for tri-state football fans. Thank God that we have Rutgers Football!

Ironically, the Jets and Giants will be picking in the top 5 or 6 picks in the NFL draft – which has abandoned the Big Apple – along with any offenses. But at least Chicago fans will get to shout out in anger live on ESPN and the NFL Network when their team passes on a QB. Perhaps the Giants and/or Jets will look to secure a better future with a capable signal caller. Hey, who’s DUMB enough to pick Jameis Winston? My money is on Gang Green!

Anyway, because BIG BLEW fans look forward to my weekly assessment of the Giants, let’s spend a few words on the loss to the Jaguars. In his post game press conference, Eli  Manning stated: “We’re not at Rock Bottom,” so I surmise that he is warning that it can and will get worse! Is it me or are Eli and Coughlin starting to sound/look like  Gomer Pyle & Sergeant Carter.

No caption needed!
No caption needed!

Now on to two teams who may have given us a preview of the Super Bowl; the Green Bay Packers & New England Patriots.

The game was as expected, with two great Quarterbacks airing it out on the frozen tundra. What was most entertaining and intriguing, though, was Dr. Evil Belichick searching for Aaron Rodgers post-game, just to blow smoke up his butt on what a great game he played. Do we actually believe any sincerity can come from this coach? Or did he plant a chip on Rodgers in order to spy on him, just in case they meet real soon?

New York Rangers- While I have been basking in the glory of the Rangers ownership of the Flyers, I have been haunted by watching the Curse of Callahan!   As I type this, Ryan and his Tampa Bay team are LIGHTING up  King Henrik ! final 6-3 Tampa.  Let’s hope for somebody else to knock off the Floridians in the playoffs… Is it too soon to be thinking playoffs?

This is NOT America....sha la la la la
This is NOT America… sha la la la la

Will Roger Goodell survive the Ray Rice scandal?  Like a cockroach, it would appear that the new Roger the Dodger will survive the latest barrage of WHO Knew and WHO Flew questions regarding  who said what to whom and when……The NFL owners will ultimately side with… their wallets…

Jets Update! Geno Smith throws a pick with less than a minute left as GANG GREEN blows another game…

Chime in with all that love and come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, who still talks about Vikings playoffs?

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