Death Of Kings and Two Epic Chokes

tmp_17412-clippers-choke-memes_4-1193530461EL BARIO, EL BRONX – We have had a crazy week. There was a lot going on for the good  Sports Deacon Blaber but still, a few things caught my attention. There was a couple of sad notes away from the sports world and some sad excuses for sports teams on the field. The topics: Ben E. King & B.B. King, and the epic choking by the Washington Capitals and Los Angeles Clippers.

tmp_17412-tumblr_nnu0yrcxpX1qca7y9o1_500-540840327RIP Ben E. King & B.B. King: I am a somewhat young man but I have an old soul. Ben E. King and B.B. King are music icons who transcend time. Ben made countless great songs with the Crowns and had a great solo career, but will always be remembered for “Stand By Me.” The most impressive thing about Ben is while some musicians hate performing a hit song from earlier in their career, Ben also expressed gratitude for being allowed to be a professional musician and have people love his music.

tmp_17412-BBKing-1107964389BB King is more than a chain of fantastic restaurants and music venues. He is more than a blues and guitar legend. The man is an icon. The man and his guitar Lucille are part of American folklore and in commercials and general conversation. He is an example of a man who loved his craft, and his love of his craft shown through to the whole world and then we all embraced it.

Thank you gentlemen; you will be missed.

Epic Collapes: What a week for collapses! The first that must be addressed is the Washington Capitals. Their collapse was to the benefit of us New York Rangers fans but if you really think about it, it was epic. Washington was 1:41 away from advancing to the Eastern Conference Final when the Rangers scored their first goal in Game 5. They were unable to get up from that gut punch. They lost in OT in game 5 and then went on to lose game 6.  They then blew a lead in game 7 to lose… in overtime again. The Franchise and its franchise player, Alex Overchekin, will have to hang their heads and may not be able to ever come back from this. They need a divorce, maybe AO can rebuild his reputation on a team that only needs him to score.

tmp_17412-clippers-choke-memes_16-1522653993The LA Clippers did their best Caps impression of in Game 6 against the Houston Rockets. After the end of the 3rd quarter, the Clippers were leading by 19. They only had to hold out for the next 12 minutes and they would be in the Conference final. However they lost the 4th quarter 40-15. It was a collapse that hasn’t been seen since [Reggie] Miller-Time. (For the record as a Knicks fan, I still insist Miller pushed down Gregg Anthony). The Clippers couldn’t do anything right; couldn’t dribble, pass or shoot.  They looked like Jerry Lewis on roller skates. Only time will tell if they can find a way to bounce back and win it, or will they go full Caps?

That is it for now, come back tomorrow for a that only gags when he wants to, Cheesy Bruin.

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