Blaber’s Blabberings: Sepp Blatter, Women In Sports And The NBA Playoffs

Sepp Blatter
Sepp Blatter

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Your man Deacon Blaber is back. After 1 or 2 drinks turned into 1 to 2 dozen drinks and I forgot to write.  However, like a tenured teacher, it is near impossible to get fired at MTM, so I am back doing my penance and pinch-hitting. Orders given, I fired up my desktop and put together today’s piece on Sepp Blatter, Women in Sports and the NBA Playoffs.

Sepp Blatter: In case you were on Cheesy Bruin’s Zero Technology Cave Tour and missed it, Sepp Blatter stepped down. He did so after winning a 5th term as FIFA present. Last time out, I discussed the corruption of FIFA. What amazes me is that as the US Dept Of Justice closed in, Blatter was elected anyway. The nations that looked to him to ensure bribes weren’t gonna betray their meal ticket though it was clear to everyone it was time to bail. They did this out of sheer arrogance. We don’t know the full details but here is what we do know: There is no honor among thieves, so chances are  one of those underlings, if not a few, are singing like a canary.

Cheesy_Bruin cave tour Meet_The_Matts
“Fifty bucks for the tour, Kid.”
Sepp says Soccer girls should look like this!
Sepp says Soccer girls should look like this!

Women in Sports: Before old Sepp stepped down, he made sure to show his sexist streak. He mentioned that women’s soccer would get better attendance and ratings if the girls wore skirts or short shorts. He also green lighted this year’s 2015 Women’s World Cup being played on turf. All the women protested but to no avail… so they eventually gave up. This World Cup is highlighted by the fact that this is Women in Sports Month (yeah, I didn’t know either). Feminist groups demanding more respect for female athletes, pro leagues and better pay (equal to men, even!). That is cute and all but where is my dinner ready? …I jest! Seriously though, the general feeling is that this is a women’s problem. How can you expect men to give a damn when women don’t! They are half the population, have good jobs and disposable income. Let’s get them start attending games and watching the action on TV. When my fiance grabs the remote and puts on the WNBA game (apparently their season also started. Who knew?!) Then that is progress. Get your own house in order before you call me a sexist!

Lebron Cleveland 1NBA Playoffs: What in the actual frack?! They make you wait one week between the semifinals (Conference Championships they call it) and the final. Then we have this week of it dragging out by playing on Thursday – then not again until Sunday! Anyway, apparently Lebron has lost the other two guys of his new big three, not that they mattered. And Steph Curry is a really good player and both teams have rookie coaches. Cleveland‘s coach doesn’t matter because LeBron makes all the decisions. Golden State has Steve Kerr, who love him or hate, finagled that supposed coaching job at the NY Knicks courtesy of Phil Jackson into a proper coaching gig. That is Negotiations 101, make the most of the leverage you have. As for who will win, my money is on, “Who Cares?!”

Overtime: We finally have a Triple Crown winner! Great news but someone tell Cheesy, he sucked for not orgnaizing the MTM company trip to Belmont again.

That’s it for now, follow us and me on Twitter at @MeetTheMatts and @JunoirBlaber leave your thoughts below.

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