Mets Trade, Tom Brady, Miguel Herrera and Chris Farley?

Mexico Coach Lives in a Van Down by the River


EL BARRIO, LA BRONX – Having had a positive week of weight loss I’m feeling great this week. What I don’t feel great about is this Saturday shift means all of the news worth carving into, has already been sliced up like a half pound of Boars Head Virginia ham. But you know what? Who cares! I’ll provide my own spin and thoughts while giving you the latest news in the worlds of soccer, Mr. Tom Bundchen, and the Miguel Herrera. So take a number and have a look at today’s specials.

NY Mets -So the Mets finally made some deals for bats. Surprisingly, they didn’t have to trade anyone off the current roster-though a few should have been traded. The real Sandy Alderson sold some of the Met future. The trading of prospects makes everyone nervous because true Mets fans know we usually get our asses handed to us in any trade. Base stealers like firecracker Vince Coleman usually stop running and sluggers like Mo Vaughn become powerless. I am happy though that the Mets did something at this year’s trade deadline so join me and the MtM staff in welcoming Yoenis, Juan and Kelly to Hell (sorry, I mean Citifield) Hope you guys do what is expected and knock in some runs.

Tom Brady -Can we call it a day and admit that this guy is as dirty as a bucket of mud? He broke his phone the day the NFL wanted to see his text messages. He said he breaks his phone often; the way OJ during questioning once said, “Oh that’s nothing-I bleed all the time.” So this guy that never fumbles drops his phone and breaks it often. I am glad he will get his suspension but it is of course after the Super Bowl has been played. At least Teflon Tom has a couple of dents in him now. As a Jets fan, I am just glad that there’s proof that Belichick, Brady and the Patriots have always cheated and know how to win only via cheating.                                                                  New England Patriots v Kanas City Chiefs

Miguel Herrera -The soccer world brings us funny news this week. Yes the MLS All-Stars beat Tottenham but the news this week comes from Mexico. Despite winning the Gold Cup with his top three strikers either injured, in horrible form and getting some controversial calls, Mexico head coach Miguel Herrara was fired.  What makes it more interesting is that the excuse used by the Mexican federation was that he punched a reporter. It can’t be fully proven but considering that he and the federation were often at odds about his coaching style, “El Louse” goose was set-up to be cooked. What I find funny is how many American sports coaches would love to punch a reporter or two.

Mexico Coach Lives in a Van Down by the River
Mexico Coach Lives in a Van Down by the River








That’s it for now, Cheesy Bruin is up tomorrow.


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