Senoir, New York Mets and New York Jets

Quotation-George-R-R-Martin-life-forget-Meetville-Quotes-155982EL BARRIO, LA BRONX -Today’s piece is dedicated to Senoir. The greatest man I ever knew took his final breath this past Wednesday. So why am I talking about this, let alone writing today’s piece? Well that is because this is what he taught me. Senoir was big on staying busy, doing your job and duty above all else. MTM may not be a paying job, but this has been what I do every Saturday since the last Cubs World Series win, so I will continue to do so. Today we will look at the New York Mets and the New York Jets.

New York Mets – What do you say about these guys? They are sputtering in a very scary way. You want to believe they will sort things out but you are still nervous. They have pushed Matt Harvey‘s start back and David Wright comes back (ahem…ahem) on Monday. Somehow in spite of winning just 2 of their last 6 including last night, they are still in 1st place by 5 games! It is insane how poor the NL East is but it works for the Mets. For now. As Mets fans we’re all holding our breath and waiting for the other shoe to drop. We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, as conditioned as we are as Met fans-but we still hold out hope that it doesn’t. Come on, for Pete’s sake can we make the playoffs!                             cesp

New York Jets -The Jets won last night. Yes it was a pre-season game. But with little else about which to banter, the alternatives are slim. The Jets number one draft pick, Leonard Williams looked good. The problem is Williams is another defensive lineman and the Jets have a pretty good one already even if Sheldon Richardson‘s run-ins with the law limit his availability. The concern for all is whether the loss of Geno Smith means that Ryan Fitzpatrick becomes the solid QB the Jets have needed since Ken O’Brien wore the green and white. Thats right, even Ken O’Brien would be a big deal with this team. Fitzpatrick looked solid but not spectacular, which is fine because all the Jets need is a guy to keep the chains moving and not be an idiot. Fitzpatrick is a Harvard grad and the proud owner of the highest Wonderlic score in league history. He’s more likely to be engaged in a Words with Friends marathon with Angry Ward or West Coast Craig than sparring with a teammate. Most of the team looked good last night. It may not mean much but it is a bright spot if you are a desperate Jets fan, and I am one.

Desperate Jet Fans
Desperate Jet Fans

Thanks for now and expect Cheesy tomorrow.

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