Mets In World Series! Plus Giants vs Cowboys

Amazin Mets

CHICAGO, IL The Mets Win the Pennant! The Mets win the Pennant! The Mets Win the Pennant! That’s the cry that rang out in bars across the tri-state area, which meant Cubs fans must wallow in their lifelong pain for another year. The Second City is indeed second – after the 8-3 stomping led by Lucas Duda and company!

That’s correct Mets fans.

Not only did the pitching continue to dominate, everyone in the lineup stepped up to join this culling of the herd.  A Pitching, hitting and base running clinic, plain and simple, led to this sweep.

Terry Collins genuinely looks like a guy who just read a winning Mega Millions ticket!  Simply, AMAZING!

Simply Amazingly!
Simply Amazingly!

Daniel Murphy’s performance was epic. Six-game dinger streak? Who’s Your Daddy, Chi-Town? 

On to the World Series! This may be the most dominant pitching performance by a staff ever. Sorry Back to the Future fans.

Who is going to call Customs to keep Small Matt quarantined  until it’s over? It would be worth the payola, Mets fans.

Giants fans, recovering from viewing Monday’s remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds,  are enthusiastically looking forward to hosting a decimated Dallas Cowboy’s squad on Sunday. After all, without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, Jerry’s Kids are 0-3 suffering from offensive anemia.

Eli Gump will certainly have a more productive game compared to the Monday Night Massacre at “The Linc” . After all, this is the two time Super Bowl winning MVP QB chucking darts to the hands of Odell Beckham Jr. Right? 

Not so fast, Big Blue fans. Even though Dallas is rolling out Matt Cassel, who started in high school but not in college, they have the distinct advantage of low expectations.  Is it remotely possible for Cassel to establish any chemistry with a receiving crew that must feel like a group of foster kids?  They have been moved from Romo to Weeden and now to Cassel. 

Let’s get ready to Randle” 

It’s about time for the Dallas kleptomaniac to steal some real estate behind the legendary O Line, which has been disappointing at best.  Either he or Darren McFadden must step it up to take some pressure off a guy who has made tens of millions as primarily a backup.

Beware of The Kraken!  image

Greg Hardy reminds me of wrestler/actor Zeus. He’s one of those guys who truly wants to hurt opposing QB’s and this Sunday his target will be Manning.  If Randy Gregory returns as well, the Giants O-line will be in for a very long day .

A Dallas win would put them back in the lead as we all anticipate an Iggles loss to Carolina.  Tom Coughlin’s head thermometer will surely be entertaining to watch!

Bobby Czyz Part II will be in my next offering – or after the Mets win their first Series since 1986.

Angry Ward is no longer angry…..for at least one day!

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