Blaber’s Bold Moves for Mets to get back to Series in ’16!


EL BARRIO, LA BRONX – Well that was an incredible run. The Metsies gave me loads of hope. We came close despite the 4-1 series loss to the (now) hated Royals.  So let’s start talking about what to do with the team as we look forward to next season. Here then, is one man’s opinion as to how the Mets can field their best lineup in hopes of returning to the World Series in 2016.  Do we even want Cespedes back? How about Murphy? Seems like CF and 2B are the two biggest question marks going into the offseason. That is, other than what the Wilpons are willing to spend. The owners were willing to pony up 2 months’ worth of salaries for some higher paid guys brought in at the deadline. Their willingness to do so over the course of a 4 or 5 year deal with anyone remains the biggest question of all.

Pitching Staff: The front four of the rotation is set. Harvey, de Grom, Snydergard, Matz. The fifth spot is in doubt but for my money, they should bring back Bartolo Colon. He eats innings and can be a veteran mentor. Until Wheeler comes back and even when Wheeler comes back, having Colon means you can ease Wheeler in. Move Jon Niese into the pen and get rid of Clippard and Addison Reed. Leave Familia as closer since he earned it and let Jenry Meija return as the 8th inning set-up man. So this means you have the option of taking out the starters after 6 innings.

Remember this Jackass?
Remember this Jackass?
C – d’Arnaud and Plawecki  are the 1st and 2nd options and are under contract so no worries at this position.
1B – It’s Duda‘s job and I don’t  have a problem with it
2B – Wilmer Flores! Crazy but he is the best available option, unless the much talked Dilson Herrera makes the jump. I don’t see Murphy staying. If Carlos Beltran can turn a great post-season into a big contract, so can Murph.
SS – Tejada when he’s healthy. Flores until then with Herrera at 2B
3B – The Captain’s job whether he can stand up straight or not.
RF – Grandyman can!
CF – Lagares/Conforto – Lagares for defense and Conforto when Cuddyer needs to play left?
LF – Conforto/Cuddyer – Conforto here when Lagares is in center, Cuddyer comes in and bumps Conforto to center
Bench: Kirk Nieuwenheus, Eric Campbell. I would also like them to re-sign Uribe but that is no guarantee.
Motivation for '16?
Motivation for ’16?
How many days till Pitchers and Catcher??
Come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin!!
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