Blowing Off Steam: Paris, Normalcy and Free NFL Picks

Cheesy-Bruin-Cowboys-Bruins-300x280SOUTH JERSEY –  There is something more pressing on my mind in the wake of this Friday night’s terrorist acts, than managing an even record last week on the free NFL picks. “Cowardly,” is the only word to describe a bunch of pieces of sh*t who must resort to killing innocent people in the name of deity, whereupon they are promised virgins for their deeds.

Sporting events are the Common Man’s sanctity, but are now targets for militant Islamic radicals, who chose the easy mark of, ironically enough, a “football friendly” between France and Germany. Here in America, the only similarity of religion and sport is the fanaticism we display in support of our favorite teams.

Through freedom of choice, we root for a uniform and not whether a player practices Christianity, Judaism or Islam and that’s that. Black Sunday hit Stade de France on Friday night and produced an aftermath nothing like what Hollywood depicts on screen.

Ticket-holders go to games to enjoy the competition, a beer and something to nosh without the worry – until now – of being a number among casualties. I can only surmise that stadium security did their jobs well in not permitting suicide bombers entry into the arena.  Countless lives were spared with detonations occurring outside the building rather than inside.

12243579_1656918097920431_7451379359204992125_nEqually easy targets of a French eateries is where fundamentalists opted to strike as well.  The working man loves to blow off some steam at work-week’s end to celebrate the coming weekend at an eatery and/or pub.  What to drink, what to eat, whom to date are all freedoms only cowards in other lands despise in our true sovereignty.  There is insurmountable hate among a small percentage of the world’s population that requires great vigilance among law abiding peoples–“head-on-a-swivel” as we’ve heard during a sporting event telecast.

Another entertainment venue, a sold-out concert hall, is where the carnage was most severe in number of victims.  “Music is the food of love,” according to Shakespeare, and is where over 100 fans convened to hear an American metal band, only to see life end.  In addition to the approximately 129 people killed in Paris, 352 were injured, at least 99 seriously. The idiots touched our all aspects of a full life – sport, food, and music.

Don’t let the bastards win.

@Angry_Ward and brother cnc63

I’m still going to the Capitals-Stars game near D.C. this week with an old work buddy now living in Dublin.  Security will be ramped-up there, as well as in NFL stadiums today.  I’ve been one to poke fun at French-Canadian hockey fans in Montreal but this is where I draw the line and say I stand united with all of France.

And in lending “normalcy” and continuing to live our lives, here are this weeks FREE NFL PICKS:
New England -7 over GIANTS,
Detroit +10.5 over GREEN BAY,
SEATTLE/Arizona OVER 44.5,

Vent or chime in below, check me out on Twitter @CheesyBruin and come back tomorrow for the calming wisdom of West Coast Craig.

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