Jets vs. Giants, NBA and Sepp’s (full) Bladder

Jets v GiantsEL BARRIO, LA BRONX – I want to apologize for my no call, no show last week to all of my dedicated fans. The 5 of you deserve better. Thanksgiving demands and volunteering for duty at the New York 7s created a time crunch I couldn’t overcome. Anyway let’s look at what’s been buzzing around the past week or so. We will look at the big Jets vs. Giants match-up, some NBA news and finally some soccer news, because I like soccer.

Gang Green vs. Big Blue: So the quadrennial match-up between New York’s football teams is back on the calendar. Four years ago, I watched this game with a friend. I remember vividly that during that game I spoke to my buddy about a girl I had recently met. We watched the Jets implode and Victor Cruz run wild as the Giants defeated the Jets. Cruz went on to have a great season and the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Four years later that girl is my wife. The Jets have a new coach and are still the same middle of the pack team. The Giants are similarly situated as a team with weaknesses that can get hot. They occasionally raise their game enough to beat a really good team but struggle against weaker opposition. Ward, if you read this, I plan to be at Piper’s Kilt 1, if you want to join me for the game.

76ers suckNBA: The New York Knicks are .500 after trouncing the Brooklyn Nets last night. The Lopez twins faced other with Mom in the stands. The Knicks are clearly on the upswing (can’t be any worse than last year) and the Nets are struggling. If I was a betting man, I would put money on the Knicks improving in the next two years with Kristaps Porzingis leading the way. After they get good, they can then get rid of the anti-triangle and game plan killer Carmelo Anthony.

Unfortunately for comedians, the Philadelphia 76ers finally broke their winless streak after starting the season 0-18. It was an interesting race between them and the Golden State Warriors who were undefeated. Las Vegas was taking bets on whether Golden State or the Sixers would end their streak first. We now know our answer. Sorry to my Philly friends. Wish the Phanatic was around to share his thoughts.

Sepp Blatter motions to underlings to keep their mouths shut!
Sepp Blatter motions to underlings to keep their mouths shut!

Soccer: The New York Red Bulls Soccer Club have earned their New York sports stripes. For the second time in 3 years they have achieved the best regular season record and followed it up with a crushing collapse in the conference finals. Two different coaches, overturned rosters, philosophies, and systems yet they still choked! Welcome to the NYC brotherhood guys.

Apparently the two FIFA vice presidents and the presidents of the North America and South America associations have been arrested. It is amazing that big boss Sepp Blatter has avoided handcuffs so far, but it is only a matter of time. We can at least hope.

That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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