Final decision time: Carmelo, Sanchez, Rex Ryan, Manziel

Scowl much?
Meh Trade
Meh Trade

BUFFALO, NEW YORK –  Thank you all for checking out this late edition of my regular Saturday piece. It is a bit late today, because I am Buffalo for the funeral of my wife’s grandmother. It is not super sad, because she lived to be 94, which is a great number of innings, and is re-united with her husband who passed 6 years ago. So may she rest in peace. Interestingly, this week before the drive upstate happened, there was an article looking at the Knicks trade for Carmelo Anthony and if in 5 years a decision on the deal can be made. I decided that today’s topic would be on sports issues that we can come to a final decision on.

Carmelo Anthony Trade: Let’s put this to rest also as a meh trade. The trade brought a “superstar” to the Garden. To Knicks owner James Dolan, he got a superstar which would fill seats. The was talk that he would be the star for the Knicks to build their team around. Fast Forward 5 years and its obvious, they are still in the same place with a new GM.

Mark Sanchez: Heis an NFL standard QB, just accept it folks. He may not be top level but he did help the NY Jets to two AFC Championship games. He got signed by the Denver Broncos this week as they begin to search for a replacement to Peyton Manning, who retired this week, and Brock Osweiler, who signed with the Houston Texans. Sanchez can help a team win games if he has the right weapons and a great defense and he appears to have those in Denver. Keep your eye on him.

rex-ryan-buffalo-billsRex Ryan: I think we can all admit the guy is a blowhard. He talks tough but he will never ever win anything as a head coach. He has added his brother as a defensive coordinator but will that make a difference? We all know it won’t, it is as clear as day that Rex is a hack and he won’t ever be more than that. Poor Buffalo will have to suffer without the playoffs for another couple of years.

Johnny Manziel: Officially a bust. He was cut by the Browns this week. When one of the worst organizations in sports rather do without you than with you, that says it all. The Browns are terrible and Manziel had potential but never seemed a proper fit for team, a brash Texan in Cleveland just didn’t seem to work. Maybe he might be a better fit in Texas with the Cowboys. Jones and Manziel would make a perfect side.

The one more thing that we can agree on definitely. That Tom Brady and the Patriots did cheat in deflate-gate, that is obvious to all.

Thanks and come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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