Grinding Ax: Can the Knicks and Rangers Be Great Again? Dolan Trump Donald?

Don't thank me MSG fans

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Perhaps our favorite Leprechaun, James Dolan, should swipe a page out of the Book of Trump.  Just like America, the New York Knickerbockers can be great again!

Don't thank me MSG fans
Don’t thank me MSG fans

Hey, some of the groundwork is already in place. With NO Mexicans currently in La Liga,  no wall would have to be constructed around Madison Square Garden.  That’s not to suggest that a barrier of some form should not be designed to keep Carmelo Anthony out. They just may be able to have Melo pay for his own exit.

Zen Master Phil Jackson needs a running mate ( head coach) to drive his Triangle Offense. He failed miserably with disciple, Derek Fisher, who needed the best players to pull that off… Trump would get The Best! Unfortunately for Big Phil, Donald’s suggestion is: Phil, You’re Fired! Dolan likes to burn Benjamin’s, but he will never do that.

What’s the solution?

CHornswoggle Phil_Jackson James_Dolan Jon_Niese Meet_The_Matts2onsult an NBA Outsider! Easier said than done. First thought that came to mind was to find someone who is cerebral and cunning… Bill Clinton, perhaps?  After some thought, that would not work, though, as he mentored Isaiah Thomas on how to manage women in the front office!

How about Kobe Bryant?  He can relate to Carmelo; Narcissistic , ball-hogging achiever who has won under the Zen Master. Imagine if the Knicks were able to get Bryant and if Kobe could lure King James to the Big Apple if LeBron wins the championship for sorry-sack Cleveland? Now that’s Winning! LeBron James craves the spotlight. If he succeeds in grabbing another ring, he can leave town without guilt and go to another town to make them great again! Hell, they would have players begging to be part of the reconstruction. The Garden would once again be the Mecca of Basketball, not the NBA equivalent of… Wrigley Field.

On to the New York Rangers!

How do we make the Blueshirts great again? Incite into the obvious, points the first shot at Glen Sather. This guy is still pulling the puppet strings in this show. He needs to go.

Mark Messier would make the Rangers GREAT AGAIN!  

The Blueshirts have now watched their championship potential disappear during the remodeling of MSG. Out the door went key members the team could not afford, due to that salary cap albatross named Rick Nash.  

Messier would need a mentor. Who better than the Mad Man who showed them greatness? Get Mike Keenan back as special advisor. He’s crazy, brilliant and not afraid to make changes. He could use some big name bait to lure another dumb team into trading for Nash. For instance, put these guys on the table: Dan Girardi, Marc Stahl and yes, King Henrik Lundquist. All three would still command skilled talent in return, even though they are all aging and displayed diminished production this year.

"I said go this way"
“I said go this way”

Our King without a Crown, looked better in a suit than he did between the pipes this past season. As The Donald would probably say, “He was no Mike Richter” Tough times need tough measures. Speaking of which…

Chime in all you Hillary and Bernie fans! And come back tomorrow for Hubit Chakockov.

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