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Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_MattsMARLBORO, NY – After a couple of mediocre Sundays I returned to the 3-1 familiar form that you all have come to expect in my Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks. I’m at 19-13 for the year and that’s good for 60% but not good enough, as I put great pressure on myself to deliver the best NFL picks in the universe for your gambling pleasure. This week’s prophecy goes like this…

FAVORITE: Is the warm and fuzzy story of small college kid makes good in the NFL over? After the Cubs winning the World Series this is one of the more publicized sports stories and I’m kind of tired of it. Well, Carson Wentz’ zeppelin has burst into flames and continues to smolder today at MetLife Stadium. The Giants are a small favorite and are primed after the week off in which Big Blew fans can only hope the team worked on the still anemic offense. The Birds are 0-2 in the division where W’s are harder to come by and have also lost three of the last four. The Gints get to 5-3 and back into the thick of things in the NFC with a hard fought win. NEW YORK GIANTS (-2.5) over Philadelphia

UNDERDOG: This pick is based on the old theory where you bet against a road favorite playing on grass (insert marijuana joke here) whose home field is artificial turf.  Just trust me on this one. The aforementioned trend fits here as the Saints, who are also on the heels of a minor upset against the Seahawks, play the losers of six straight in the Niners.  San Fran is due to break their streak the same way Frank The Tank did in Old School.  Outright win and Survivor Pool alert.  SAN FRANCISCO (+4) over New Orleans

OVER: At this point of the season (cripes, we’re in Week 9 already) there are a number of certainly desperate teams and one of those teams is the Carolina Newtons. Oh, there are other players on that team? You wouldn’t know it with the “me first” Cam Newton parading around the field and complaining about getting knocked around without infraction. Last year’s NFC representative in the Super Bowl is 2-5 and struggling. They are trying to keep pace with teams due to one of the league’s worst defenses. The Rams can score just enough to put the pressure on Carolina to score–and they will. Carolina/LOS ANGELES OVER 44.5

UNDER: I searched with great difficulty in finding just one ‘under’ play and this will just have to qualify. The Packers still don’t look right and the Colts are the Colts–they score in bunches late but here’s hoping the Cheesehead defense can cover the gaggle of tight ends that Andrew Luck has grown accustomed in throwing to. Strictly a guess here so proceed with caution. Indianapolis/GREEN BAY UNDER 54.5

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