Ebs’ Hot Takes: LeSean McCoy, Adrian Peterson, New York Giants

WILKES-BARRE, PA – We’re getting closer and closer to the NFL playoffs, and while the Buffalo Bills will likely be left out for the 17th straight season, it’s still setting up for a tremendous tournament.

If we learned anything this weekend, both the AFC and NFC are wide open.

The Oakland Raiders made a statement once again, and the New England Patriots have continued to grind out wins. The Green Bay Packers look to have finally found a run game again, while the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys both made statements.

With that being said, here’s and NFL-filled set of Ebs’ Hot Takes. Enjoy!

LeSean McCoy deserves a top-5 pick in every fantasy football draft next year. If the Buffalo Bills were winning at a more-consistent basis this season, LeSean McCoy would likely be in the MVP discussion. Believe it or not, the veteran running back is having just as good of a season as Ezekiel Elliott.

Yeah I said it. Look at the stats for yourself. McCoy has 1,129 yards and 12 touchdowns on 205 carries compared to Elliott’s stat line of 1,551 yards and 13 touchdowns on 310 carries. That’s 105 less carries than Zeke and just one less touchdown and 400 less yards. Shady averages a half of a yard more than Zeke every time he touches the ball.

But this isn’t really the point.

Next to Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, Antonio Brown and Elliott, McCoy might be the fourth or fifth player off the board next year. Odell Beckham Jr. has struggled at times and Julio Jones has been hampered with injuries.

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

It’s worth a consideration.

Much respect toward Adrian Peterson. You certainly have the right to say whatever you want about off-the-field Adrian Peterson, but when it comes to football on Sundays, AD is a freaking machine.

Sure Angry Ward is probably upset with Peterson’s 22 yards and a fumble on six carries Sunday, but he’s the absolute last of the Minnesota Vikings‘ problems.

Peterson had his meniscus surgically repaired in late September. According to ESPN’s Stephania Bell, that has a four- to -six-month recovery timetable. Peterson’s at 12 weeks. Holy cow.

He could win some people some fantasy leagues next week.

Much props.

Something special is happening for these G-Men. Now if you’ll remember, my Sept. 12 column, I wrote that the New York Giants were “legit”. And after the last two weeks, they’ve proved just that.

Now, it’s unlikely they’ll catch the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East crown, but they’ll be a heck of an out as a wild card. This defense is clicking, the wide receivers are coming on and maybe, just maybe, they’re finding a running game?

I wouldn’t want to play this team in the playoffs. And the Giants will be favorites if they play the Detroit Lions again.

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This has nothing to do with sports, aside from Chance the Rapper being a huge Chicago sports fan, but he’s an extremely talented musician and graced the stages of Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Everybody and anybody should check out his performance of Same Drugs. It was an instant classic.

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