Glug, Glug, Glug: Mets Ship Sinking, Rangers, Yanks Predators Chugging

MARLBORO, NY – It was on this date in 1915 that a German submarine sank the Lusitania and thrust the U.S. of A. into World War I. Present day sports has me reporting in a similarly negative manner on the New York Mets, New York Yankees and the NHL Playoffs.

Abandon ship! Friday night’s comeback win over the Miami Marlins notwithstanding, I get a sinking feeling that Los Mets will sink fast in the NL East these coming weeks. There is no Noah Syndergaard for a good few months. This presents a major problem for the team since the starting pitchers don’t make it through the first three or four innings lately. Moreover, there is tremendous pressure on the likes of Fernando Salas, Hansel Robles and other mediocre middle relievers who just don’t seem all that effective to me.

Hamstring troubles have the big bopper in the lineup on the DL and you just never know with these type of injuries–they usually tend to linger. So without Yoenis Cespedes, that leaves a tremendous hole in the boat for a batting order adorned with two regular players, Jose Reyes and Curtis Granderson, hitting below sea level and the Mendoza line. The resurgent Travis d’Arnaud is the latest to hit the disabled list as well. The Mets will sink or swim with what they’ve got on the roster and provided GM Sandy Alderson can’t improve it, they’re done.  Don’t try to cheer me up on this one since the Washington Nationals are already six and a half games better in the division.

I almost don’t want to admit this but I’m lacking a hatred for the Yankees like in years past. It probably has more to do with them not winning the World Series every year as opposed to how they’re going about their business these days. Management’s plan in the Bronx is to sink or swim with a youth movement proving to be exciting if not entertaining. Once a staple of the Bombers, there are no high-priced or highly coveted free agents on the roster. This Aaron Judge kid can really sink his bat into a baseball and has me thinking; is he more Kevin Maas than Babe Ruth? No worries, there’s plenty of time for me to hate the Yankees once again as giddy Pinstripe fans will inundate sports radio airwaves come the post season which the team is on course.

The Nashville Predators enjoy throwing the body and block shots so we know they have balls.  What this squad also has is a big Pekka… Rinne, that is.  He’s the big-bodied goaltender that continues to stop just about everything and the kitchen sink, as the Predators look like the real deal around him…  Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals have sunk to new lows for a President’s Trophy-winning team, as their opening round seven game series has been followed up with a stinker of an effort against the depleted Pittsburgh Penguins… The Ottawa Senators are sinking as well, while the S.S. New York Rangers look as sturdy as any team left in these NHL Playoffs.

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