Ebs’ Hot Takes: Anquan Boldin, New York Yankees, Danny Woodhead

WILKES-BARRE, PA – I don’t know where to begin.

Mainly because I’m still in shock after that Game of Thrones episode. Sunday is going to be an epic season finale.

Oh, and how about Anquan Boldin retiring after just 12 days with the Buffalo Bills? Was it that bad?

It’s not like it’s the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns or Jacksonville Jaguars. At least you had a competent quarterback throwing to you.

You know what? I better just start.

Here’s the latest set of Ebs’ Hot Takes. Enjoy.

Much respect to Anquan Boldin. In all seriousness, I have nothing but respect for Anquan Boldin and his decision to retire.

The truth is, it was pretty clear after Thursday preseason game that he’s not what he once was and he probably understands that. I mean, Boldin had an illegal motion penalty. Who would have predicted that to happen?

Then there’s the Bills as a whole. It’s pretty unlikely that they’re making the playoffs and I can imagine Boldin was pretty upset after the Sammy Watkins trade.

Boldin was one of the most respected players in the NFL. He was the 2015 Walter Payton Man of the Year and organized two visits to Congress by NFL players this past year. Now he can focus on his humanitarian work full-time.

I wish Anquan Boldin nothing but the best.

Stop freaking out about the New York Yankees. If, at the beginning of the season, you thought the New York Yankees were going to win the AL East, I’d love to meet you because that is a lie. 

So with that being said, you shouldn’t be upset with where the team is right now, in first place in the wild card race. It was a reasonable goal from the start and it shouldn’t be a disappointment right now. I don’t care what happened in the first half.

Aaron Judge and Luis Severino shocked everybody. Except, I’ll admit I’ve been on Severino for over two years now. Jordan Montgomery has been a solid No. 5 starter as a rookie. CC Sabathia has been more than stable. Did you really think Clint Frazier would make the impact he did? No.

This team is overachieving and still a year or two away.

If the Yankees win the wild card, they could make a run at this thing thanks to a potent offense and stellar bullpen. Roll out Sevy in Game No. 163 and take your chances.

Danny Woodhead is a name to remember for your fantasy football drafts. This is a sneak peak of what’s to come in next week’s fantasy football draft guide. I love Danny Woodhead this year.

Last time I checked Woodhead had an ADP of 18 among running backs in ESPN drafts. That’s a complete steal.

Woodhead’s coming off of a major injury and he’s getting up there in years, so folks in your league will probably be afraid to take him. But that doesn’t mean you should too.

With the season-ending injury to Kenneth Dixon, Woodhead and Terrance West are really the Baltimore Ravens’ only choices at running back.

Do you want West to be the lead back on your team? No. And I don’t think the Ravens do either.

Not to mention this is a pass-happy offense and Woodhead is a a great pass catcher out of the backfield. He could be a top-10 running back this year.

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