#WhatAreWeDoing, Rangers Slow Start And Jets Fail Again

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS  – I was asked whether I wanted to pinch-hit on Friday or Saturday. I actually had a choice this time! I chose Saturday, but the Lil’ Big Boss said. “Sorry, Friday is more urgent. And we’ll need that stapler back.” I will keep it simple since I am so short on time. The usual formula is a Song of the Week before we get to the Sports Stuff  then the sports. The sports covered today is #WhatAreWeDoing, Rangers slow start and Jets fail again.

Song of the Week:  As busy as I am, there was no way I could escape the word that hip-hop’s adopted white son, Eminem went after the President.  OF course you know, I loved it. I thought it was brilliant and happy to see people speak out. The funny thing was there was no album to promote or single or tour. This boy just thought this award show was the appropriate time to release this freestyle. Who needs a beat anyway!! Enjoy the track.`


#WhatAreWeDoing: If you don’t know this hashtag, it has taken off a bit in the last couple of days. Unfortunately it was after the USA was eliminated from World Cup qualifying for the first time in 30 years. It was a culmination of 2 bad coaches, bad job by the national organization, the players and the USA soccer media. US Soccer Analyst Taylor Twellman sums it up in a 8 minute rant that essentially asks for all the money US soccer has and the large pool of players, the 2nd best league in North & Central America and the Caribbean, What are we doing?


I hope FIFA calls back the dodgy goal that was awarded to Panama to give them the win that helped knock out the USA. Considering how much money it is worth, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Oh and by the way, no Dutch or Ghana either. I may be forced to cheer for Mexico.

NY Rangers Roster Moves: The New York Rangers are starting the season slower than a tortoise. The are 1-3 and I know some fans are panicking but I am not. It is early in the season and the Rangers made some big changes to the team, especially the D line. As helpful as the pre-season was, we all know the regular season changes everything. The bullets are now live and it is going to take the team some time to adjust. I think they will do well to secure the 4 seed by the end of the season.

Office_Space Junoir_Blaber Meet_The_Matts, Todd_Bowles

Jets fail again: The NY Jets can’t do anything right. They were suppose to tank this year so they can get the top pick and a chance at the rare franchise quarterback they have been chasing forever. However, Todd Bowles decided this was the year he would try to win coach of the year. So with absolutely no talent, they are tied at 3-2 with the Bills and Pats and tied for first place in the AFC East. This surely can’t continue, can it?

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