Ebs’ Hot Takes: Buffalo Bills, Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankees, Herm Edwards

WEST PITTSTON, PA – It’s been a wild week in sports.

The playoff picture in both the AFC and NFC got pretty crazy over the weekend, the Evil Empire is officially back, Herm Edwards is back in coaching at Duke basketball just lost to Boston College.

There’s a lot of ways I can go with this, so why don’t I begin?

Time for some hawt taeks. Enjoy.

The Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills was the best game of the season. By far. I am kicking myself that I didn’t pull an all nighter and drive up to Buffalo after work in the wee hours Sunday morning. I will never forget this game, and I just watched it on TV.

In case you missed it (you probable did because it wasn’t on TV in a lot of places), the Buffalo Bills took a seven-point lead just before half only to have it erased in the fourth quarter.

The Indianapolis Colts drove 80 yards in just under 10 minutes ending with a Jacoby Brissett touchdown pass to Jack Doyle with just over a minute left on the clock. Then the Colts did what any 3-9 team would do. They went for two.

Brissett to Doyle again. In the end zone. But wait! A flag! Offensive pass interference for a pick play in the end zone, which forced the Colts to attempt a 43-yard PAT after the 15-yard penalty.

Adam Vinatieri’s kick was good by the slimmest of margins. It was crazy. It looked wide right but snuck back in.

Overtime, right? Hold up!

Joe Webb (Yup. Nathan Peterman suffered a concussion in the third quarter) almost cost the Bills the game by throwing an interception almost immediately. But it would be all for not after Vinatieri wasn’t able to convert a second straight 43-yard kick.


Buffalo took five and a half minutes to get the ball near midfield but faced a fourth-and-1. Go for it, right? You might not get the ball back and a tie is just as bad as a loss. Wrong! A punt!

It was such a bad decision. But maybe Sean McDermott knows something we (and by we I mean everyone who was watching that game) because Buffalo stopped the Colts after a quick first down and got the ball back.

Thanks to a huge pitch and catch by Webb and Deonte Thompson the Bills had the ball on the Indy 27. Three LeSean McCoy scampers later the Bills were in the end zone doing snow angels.


That’s all she wrote! With the win and a Tennessee Titans loss, the Bills’ playoff hopes remain alive.

Giancarlo Stanton was a move the New York Yankees could afford to take. Before we go any further, Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees did not collude. It’s not Jeter and the Miami Marlins’ fault Giancarlo Stanton vetoed trades to the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals before the Yankees even got seriously involved.

After the vetoes, why wouldn’t the Yankees get involved? They had the prospect pool and could afford to take on Stanton’s massive contract.

So the Marlins could have went two ways here: trade Stanton and eat some money for better prospects or trade almost the whole salary to shed the contract and receive a lesser package. The Marlins took option B. So yeah, it looks like a bad trade for the Marlins, but they want to shed as much money as possible as they rebuild.

On the Yankees side, the two prospects they sent are still 3-plus years away and won’t factor much into what the Yankees want to do in the end. By trading Starlin Castro, it opens the door for Gleyber Torres at some point this season.

The Yankees will enter the season with a stacked lineup, like incredibly stacked. With the addition of Stanton, New York can focus on pitching during the winter meetings.

Don’t be surprised if they make a trade for a quality starter. Clint Frazier no longer has a spot in the outfield or at DH and the Yankees could still find a partner to take on Jacoby Ellsbury or Chase Headley.

It’ll be an exciting week for the Yankees.

I’m not sure Herm Edwards is going to work out at Arizona State. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Herm Edwards so much.

I enjoyed watching him on ESPN and I love his passion for the game.

However, I’m already scratching my head about this. Edwards was introduced on Monday (He didn’t know his own team’s mascot by the way. Did anyone else see that?) but remained at ESPN the rest of the week. Dude! Why aren’t you recruiting?

This is a crucial recruiting time. Early signing period starts on December 20 and Edwards spent a week in Bristol doing NFL Live. That’s a risky decision if you ask me.

Now maybe there was a clause in his contract in which he couldn’t leave until this past weekend. But if you ask me, it’s a little strange.

I’m rooting for Edwards. I really am. He’s a master motivator and probably will be able to recruit well, but it’s off to a rocky start if you ask me. Not to mention, he hasn’t coached legitimate football in almost 10 years.

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