First Week Of Yankees Baseball With Injuries, Offense and Bullpen Questions

SPANISH HARLEM – What a week it has been for the New York Yankees so far. Aaron Boone has already made a mistake and it didn’t take long for the fans to turn on Giancarlo Stanton. The Bullpen stinks to high heaven and the big three have had their troubles. Welcome to one week of baseball in New York. More will happen before this season is said and done but one thing is for sure, it will be interesting.


This team had already lost Jacoby Ellsbury to start the season but that didn’t become an issue until… Aaron Hicks once again saw himself hurt. To make matters worse, the guy brought up to take his place, Billy McKinney was injured in his second game as a professional athlete. Players get hurt and that won’t stop through out the season, hopefully the next man up will step up. We saw that this week with Tyler Austin, a guy that has played a ton of games in the minors leagues and became the odd man when Greg Bird was healthy. Sometimes your chance can  come in a weird way, its good to see a person that has had his own share of injuries be given the opportunity.


Yesterday was a good day for the Yankees offense, the big 3 hit homers and the team won, exactly what we foresaw for this lineup before the season started. Yet not all is well, Gary Sanchez has yet to his stride, Aaron Judge has gotten on base but has missed a bunch of fastballs in the zone, and Stanton has k’d a lot. It’s the first week of baseball, what do you expect? Give these guys a break, try hitting a fastball clocked at 96 miles per hour. Baseball is not easy and the guys will get hot at some point, it will be epic but until then enjoy the game. Didi Greagious is killing it right now and there are guys producing in the lineup. There will be days when it all clicks, just don’t expect it to be everyday.


Wow, what can be said about this bullpen that you don’t already know. This team had what was considered the best bullpen in baseball by many pundits but the results have been terrifying. Some may question what manager Aaron Boone has done but at the end of the day “Its Baseball Susan” (Do I have to give him credit for this?). You have to make pitches in difficult situations and you have to excel. That has not happened so far this season, Dellin Betantces still has the YIPS, Tommy Kahnle has not pitched well and David Robertson has given up a grand slam that ultimately lost the game. This is not ideal for the manager but he has to give these guys opportunities to succeed and that means throwing them out there when the time comes. It’s still early and the numbers never lie, sometimes you have the trust the back of the baseball card.

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