Big Ben Tuesday: Mets Worst Franchise in New York – Time to Trade Their Most Valuable Asset

No clue

Flushing, Queens: ESPN radio bloviator and former Islander goalie Rick DiPietro was asked if the New York Mets were in the worst position of all New York teams. Humpty went through the Rangers, Islanders, Jets, and the Knicks, and had to concede that none are worse off. Yes, they’re in a sorry state, and things continue to spiral down the drain like the giant brown snake I flushed on Saturday morning after the all-you-can-eat buffet in the Yankees’ luxury box on Friday night. But are the Mets the worst franchise in New York?

No clue

Things Looking Up?

On Friday night, things were looking up for the Mets. Syndergaard was on the hill and looked good in working his way back into shape. Cespedes was back in the lineup and picked up a cheap foul pole dinger.

The Mets held on to win, thanks to some odd choices by Aaron Boone. For instance, why the hell would you start your worst pitcher in German after a week long break when everyone but Severino is rested? And when the Yanks pulled within one in the eighth, why would they bring in A.J. Cole, probably the last reliever on the depth chart, when they have Robertson, Betances, Holder, Warren, etc. rested and ready to go?

Tebow says he’s blessed to have his new girlfriend. Agree.

Not so Fast

But the baseball gods laughed and pulled out the rug on the Mets once more. Right after the game, Cespedes felt the need to announce he needs surgery on both his heels, which by the way, have been causing all of his injury problems over the years. In typical Mets fashion, Calloway had absolutely no idea. Cess Pool then took Saturday off due to body soreness. Body soreness? Is it any wonder why this guy got traded all over the place before he found someone to give him a dump truck of cash?

Next on Sunday it was announced that the Syndergaard would be put on the DL with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. It turns out, this isn’t an inability to catch, run, and not say stupid things – it’s a real disease! A gross one. They say he got it volunteering at a kid’s camp. That was unfortunate for him, and for me, because now I don’t feel that great about making fun of him. The disease is often spread by feces, which might give you a hint as to where I was going to go.

Rick DreamPietro

The Mets almost pulled out the second game when Aroldis Chapman couldn’t find the plate and the Yankees almost blew a big lead. Even Jose Reyes, who for some reason is still in the majors, got into the act with a four pitch walk. But Chasen Shreve, who would be in AA if he were right handed, somehow got out of the jam.

You’ve got to hand it to them. The Mets just keep finding unique ways to disappoint.

No Help on the Way

The young guns on their major league roster have largely not looked ready for prime time. Brandon Nimmo, who is supposedly one of the exceptions, is hitting .about .250 with 13 and 31. I know he walks a lot, but the colossally underperforming Gary Sanchez has 14 and 41 in fewer ABs.

So, here you have a team in worse position that the New York Knicks. A team so bereft of minor league talent, the fans are openly clamoring for a Tim Tebow September call up. And not just for fun, some of them seem to think he’s a real prospect! They have few young players on the roster to get excited about. What’s a team to do?

Exclusive pic of Thor’s foot

The Solution

Hey, here’s a thought. Trade your best asset at an all time high in value for a load of prospects. And if the team with the biggest offer is the Yankees, they have to take it. You don’t pass because your fans don’t have the stomach to see him succeed in a Yankee uniform. You take the emotion out of it and you make the best deal you can get for your icon.

Yes, you know who I’m talking about. It’s time to trade Mr. Met to the Yankees.

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