The Trouble With the NFL’s New Helmet Rule

SPANISH HARLEM – As training camp starts for all NFL teams, the league has sent people to every camp to explain the new helmet rule, which will come into effect this upcoming season. While the nature of the rule is to make the game safer, more and more players are confused as ever. Basically the people in league offices created a rule that will be hard to officiate.We all know that football is dangerous game, a sport that uses words like trenches and war to describe the physicality that comes with putting on the helmet and pads. The league never shied away from the violence until recently and many believe the game will constantly change to appease the fans that know more about concussions and head trauma than ever before. CTE is a real problem for the NFL and will continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future but having players play a different style will cause more injuries this season, in my opinion.

Most athletes in the NFL don’t understand the rule and figure it will be difficult to call in a game when players are so accustomed to playing a certain way. I have read the rule myself and don’t really understand how you expect a player to make a low tackle without putting their head down. I understand that you shouldn’t lead with your helmet, I think we as fans, all understand that a penalty will be called. The problem I have with the rule is how a player makes a diving tackle without leading with his helmet. Are players no longer allowed to make a diving tackle then?

The game of football is changing right before our very eyes. I don’t want people to read this and think that I’m against rules that make the game less violent, I just don’t think it’s a rule that should be put into effect this season. Give the players and coaches more time to adjust to the rule, this is not something that will change overnight and could affect the outcome of games. I’m all for a safer, faster game and I know the days of all out violence is gone but you can’t expect a new rule to change the way the game is played in one season. We still don’t know what the catch rule is and many times, it has made fans more confused than happy, so just imagine how this new rule will play out.

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