New Look NY Rangers, MLB Playoffs And Another Olympic Sex Schedule

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Up late typing again. My daytime give got out early so I didn’t get the chance to bang this one out while on their clock.  This week there wasn’t much to talk about but I found a few gems. Here is today’s menu: New Look NY Rangers, MLB Playoffs And Another Olympic Sex Schedule.

New look NY Rangers: The new look Rangers kicked off their season earlier this week, on Thursday night. They lost, as is expected of a rebuilding team. However, they weren’t played of the rink by the Nashville Predators, the defending President’s Cup (best regular season record) winners. They actually had a chance to win then they messed up an shift change with an upcoming penalty and got a penalty of their own. The reports say the looked fast for once and played with new energy, shown by the change in roster and head coach. They will be lucky to make the playoffs because in all likelihood we have a year or two of before the good times and playoffs. However, let’s never forget Vegas’s amazing first year run, so who knows maybe playoffs are not that far away, hopefully.

MLB 2018 Playoffs: I am rooting for Cleveland. I mean the Chicago Cubs got to break their drought and now Cleveland is up and they have gone 50 almost 60 years so it is about due. If not them I would go with Milwaukee. These aren’t sexy pics and the ratings will go down. We know Cleveland v Milwaukee will not get the eyeballs that New York or Boston versus Los Angeles would get, but that doesn’t and should matter sometimes. This is one of those times.

I also want to celebrate the Red Sox going 1-0 up on the Yankees. I would for the Sawx to get a sweep so we can shut these Yankee fans up, who think cause they won 1 home game against the Oakland A‘s (one of the most long-running chokers in sport), they are all of sudden destined to head back. Cause there are 9 year olds who don’t know what it is like to watch the Yankees win a series and that is the great travesty, right Buddy Diaz!

New Olympic Sex Scandal: As a guy who grew up the youngest of 3 boys and is now a father of a little girl, I am not sure I am gonna let her out of the house. I love sports and thought maybe I can introduce her to sports and she will find one she loves. Well we can scratch our Taekwondo, gymnastics and now swimming.

Swimming coach Scott Hutchison was permanently banned by the U.S. Center for SafeSport Friday for “sexual misconduct involving a minor,” according to the organization’s online database.
The database provided no further details about the Hutchison decision. Earlier this year, former U.S. Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors Smith alleged in a lawsuit that Hutchison sexually abused her and that USA Swimming officials covered up the abuse.

I mean if it is a scary time to be a young man in America now, it appears it was always scary to be a woman in America. Ms. Smith did report it to the higher ups and the higher ups covered it up. I mean look at this:

The allegations of widespread abuse were first published by the Orange County Register – the first outlet to report Hutchison’s lifetime ban – in February and led to the resignation of Susan Woessner, who had been the director of USA Swimming’s SafeSport program.

Woessner’s resignation was due to an “intimately personal relationship” with Hutchison, who had been the focus of a sexual abuse investigation in 2010-11 overseen by Woessner. Pat Hogan, USA Swimming’s managing director for club development, also left the organization in February.

They not only knew about but they were trying to make sure no one else did. I can’t imagine how much that hurt the victim(s). This is an incredibly appalling act and I still somehow feel a lifetime ban is insufficient..

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