Rain Man Rants: Nathan Peterman, LeBron’s Lakers And Knicks Lose

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – This week required some more research work to find quality information. I had one topic already but had to do a bit of digging for the other two. So here is the menu for today: Nathan Peterman, LeBron’s Lakers And Knicks Lose.

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Nathan Peterman: Our own Big Ben Whitney made the point a couple of weeks back. He stted that Colin Kaepernick‘s lawyer need only play game footage of Nathan Peterman playing to prove that Kaep is being blacklisted. I accidentally attributed it to Angry Ward, so I apologize to Ben for that, but I made it up to him by submitting that point to the local Buffalo shock jokes, Shredd & Reagan. Now, it was funny then but after last Sunday when Peterman came on for the injured rookie Josh Allen, and turned a close tie game into a painful defeat with two interceptions, it was even more painful. Living in the Buffalo, the reaction of fans and media, is just priceless. The Bills radio guy, said “we have to move on from Peterson, (head coach Sean) McDermott is seeing something we don’t see or Peterman is some kind of lights out in practice.” Co-workers have a mix of shell-shock and dismay as they try to wrap their head around his play and some of the throws. Then there is that quiet moment when their heart breaks and they realize their season is over if they have to keep relying on Peterman. It looks like a guy that was on his couch, Derek Anderson, will be called in to play this weekend. I am a bit sad, watching the meltdown was fun, but maybe Peterman will be needed back out there before the year is out. Peterman better try and play arena football or something.

LeBron’s Lakers: Funny how LeBron James with the Lakers looks a lot like LeBron James with the Cavs both times. The team looks weak with not enough shooters and too many players that are not ready to complement LeBron. The Lakers lost of course and that is why everyone is hitting the panic button. The move to LA in terms of playing for a contender still make no sense but LeBron is gonna make moves that makes him happy not necessarily the league or anyone else. Either way, it will take time but LeBron has already proven he can drag a cast of nobodies to the top of the league. He will obviously do it here and he will make this team a top 4 team in the West, which is essentially a top 5 team in the league. Yes, the league is that poor and the West is that stacked. So everyone just relax and wiat but whatever you do, don’t mock the Lakers just yet. Also as a Knicks, I can’t mock the Lakers, they have landed the biggest fish, which the Knicks could never do.

Knicks Lose: The Knicks are 1-1 and I am happy about that. It is tough for me because I hate rooting for my team to lose but who are we kidding here. This team is terrible and in a terrible division. We are the shortest dwarf and the best the team can do is hope to be mid-size. Under Jimmy Dolan, this team has floundered since the great Patrick Ewing teams of the 90s. The problem is the Knicks would draft good young players then trade them quickly to get a big name or trade draft picks all to be an 8th seed. For once they are doing it right, which is embracing the sucking. Let’s just build through the draft and add savy vets. If we add a marquee guy, he will join a team ready to win.

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