Ebs Hot Takes: Baseball Hall of Fame, Tom Brady, Duke Basketball

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FROM THE PRESS BOX – I just want to touch on the NFL playoffs before I jump into my hot takes.

First off, what was Dee Ford thinking? I’ve played plenty of defensive end and defensive line in my life and never have I lined up that far offsides. I get wanting to use every inch you can, but come on, man. You’re looking at the ball.

Ford’s armpit lined up over the ball. Come on.

I know one play doesn’t exactly cost a team a game, but the Kansas City Chiefs did pick off Tom Brady on the play and it would have sealed the game. So… You do the math.

Boy, do I feel bad for the New Orleans Saints. First, they lose to the Minnesota Vikings in heart-breaking fashion last year in the playoffs. Now this. A missed blatant defensive PI.

That was rough.

Now we have to watch the New England Patriots win another Super Bowl. Great.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be in the Hall of Fame. To me, it’s simple: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were playing baseball in the heart of the Steroid Era. And domination.

If Major League Baseball as a whole was able to capitalize on the use of steroids, why can’t its players?

Bud Selig is in the Hall of Fame, so should Bonds and Clemens. Not to mention, both Bonds and Clemens would be Hall of Famers without the juice. Especially Bonds.

Tom Brady should give America an apology. Wow. Who would have thought Tom Brady would be the guy to swear on national television.

Aqib Talib in the divisional round? Sure. But Brady? Never.

Well, we were all suckers.

I’m sorry, but did Brady not know he was on national television? This guy is supposed to be the poster boy for the league and he’s swearing on national television.

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Think about the kids! What kind of example does that set?

We all deserve an apology, Tom.

Duke men’s basketball is winning it all. Folks, just fast-forward to the Final Four.

Duke beating Virginia over the weekend without Tre Jones, the Blue Devils’ straw that stirs the drink, was extremely impressive. Something I didn’t think would happen.

Sure, Duke still has three future top-5 NBA picks in Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish. But still.

It looks like Jones’ shoulder injury that he suffered in last week’s loss to Syracuse isn’t as serious as once thought. In fact, there was a chance he could have played against Pitt on Wednesday. However, he didn’t.

With that being said, you can confidently expect that Jones would be back in time for the ACC tournament, giving Duke plenty of time to get in a groove for March Madness. If that’s the case, watch out.

No one is catching the Blue Devils.

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