March Madness, NY Jets Offseason, Mets Opening Day

SOMEWHERE OVER NY STATE: I am on a plane headed to NYC as I type. No, it is not to finally treat Angry Ward and JG Clancy to the breakfast I promised them, nor is it for my yearly review as a MTM staff writer. I am in NYC for a Blaber Family Gathering (my mom and bros). So while I get ready to go to the event, let me tell about what is on the menu for today: March Madness, NY Jets Offseason, Mets OpeningĀ Day.

March Madness: I know our own Angry Ward hates it but I love it. I hate the NCAA and the College Football structure but the Basketball Championship is filled with less politics and often is hard to structure with the power of the writers and pundits. It goes back to what makes sport so great which is everybody has a chance. Now a seed lower the 5 rarely wins it (watchout for Villanova as a 6 seed this year) but the journey is still great. Watching mid-major and no names take down future NBA players is great. It is what you love about. Teams and players who may never get a chance to be better than a Duke in something, on that day and in that moment can say they were better.

NY Jets Offseason: People are actually talking about the aggressive moves this off-season by the J-E-T-S. For a full list, take a look here. Apparently some are shocked because it seems like Gang Green is spending to make themselves champions. No one believes that these signings will make them winners but playoff-capable is a good start. The reason too they are going big is QB Sam Darnold is under his rookie contract so they have him for cheap under the rookie contract. They got him a game-changing running back and still has an ok group of receivers. They are working on boosting the OL because keeping him upright is key. They also got a QB on the defense by signing CJ Moseley. They needed to draft a pass-rusher and improve corners and they have a chance.

New York Opening Day: NY Mets Opening day is around the corner and sadly, I will miss it this year. After going for two years with Short Matt, I started to really enjoy the little ritual but it won’t happen this year. Also Opening Day is when the Mets are in first place and you can believe that this is the year. They will get it right. The medical staff will finally do its job, this is the year. Of course, it will all fall apart, but on Opening day, hope springs eternal.

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