SF Giants Owner Larry Baer, The Sandlot And Random Thoughts

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: Fatherhood is great except when a child gets sick. I had to get her from daycare and take her to the doctor. The doctor recommends the medication and after an hour of nonsense at the Pharmacy, because we changed providers so we have to go to a different pharmacy. Then we get home and after a huge fit of nausea and struggling to breathe, it becomes clear the little one is allergic to the penicillin based med. So the next day, we call the doc and request a non-pencillin med and the doc sends the script to the new pharmacy. There is a 30 dollar co-pay cost increase in the new med from the old med. Get home and the kid doesn’t like the new cherry flavor so I have to wait til the wife gets home and pay two more dollars to get bubblegum flavor. Finally the kid takes the medicine the next morning when mixed in with her applesauce. This was my last four days or so, so I had little time to put together a menu, but here you go. Today we will discuss: SF Giants Owner Larry Baer, The Sandlot And Random Thoughts.

SF Giants Owner Larry Baer: What a week for Sports teams owners. Do we know for certain if Robert Kraft is not responsible for the release of this video so he is not the most hated owner in all of sports. If you haven’t heard there is video footage of Larry Baer dragging his wife Pam by her hair. I mean full scale domestic abuse caught on video. It would have been more awkward if he was an NFL owner but I guess being a MLB owner also makes it a worthwhile story. What happens now, I am not sure but I think MLB should do what the NBA made the Clippers former owner Donald Sterling do and sell the club. I think it is a nice way to pay someone to go away. And I can’t imagine that MLB wants Baer around this horrible story dragging around. What happens to Baer and how it plays out in court will be interesting. I mean on the face of it Pam Baer can get a big divorce and loads of money if she settles and drops the charges, but the state can still prosecute and the video is pretty bad. I have no sympathy for Larry Baer and reminds me why I never got by Larry and always by Lawrence. I hope he sees time and his wife takes him for everything.

The Sandlot: We all love the movie the Sandlot. It is like 25 years old and it is still a classic. I plan on showing my kids the movie when they get old enough. Well from the people who can’t leave well enough alone aka Hollywood, there are now plans to make The Sandlot: The Series. I don’t know why they would want to mess with a classic, but I am actually lying, I know why, because they are greedy. I don’t know who is gonna replace these characters and if anyone can really pull of the great Hambino or Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez and of Smalls!! Lets hope they do it right and respect the original.

Random Thoughts:

DK Metclaf: Apparently he has been really eating his fruits and vegetables. DJ Eberle’s boy, tested for 1.9% body fat at the NFL Combine this weekend. That is a full .1% lower than what doctors say is the leanest a male human being can or should be. What is the NFL steroid policy again? Is there one in college? I mean come on.

Geir Helgamo: Speaking of doping the number one bridge player in the world has been found guilty of doping and suspended. You read that right, the game bridge, that you elderly aunt and uncles play, well it has a pro league just like poker and dominoes. And the number one player in the world has been found guilty of doping. I am not sure how you dope in bridge, but I assume it is some endurance thing or something. I know nobody not involved in the game saw this coming.

Bob Knight in ill health: It sounds like the final buzzer maybe calling for Coach Knight and there is no chair he can throw to delay the game. I hope he gets another few years but no one has any say on that stuff so. We can only wait and watch.

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