Congratulations to CC Sabathia on Getting 3,000 K’s

SPANISH HARLEM – On Tuesday, CC Sabathia record his 3,000th strike out, it has been a hot topic among Yankees fans and those on the Yes Network. He had his family and those close to him travel to his starts so he could share that moment with them, a feel good story for a player that I consider one of my favorites to watch. A great achievement for someone who was once a great pitcher and had to reinvent himself when he lost velocity but still racked up the innings and wins. All in all, he is still a damn good pitcher and a true Yankee, which is difficult to say because not many people can put on that Yankee uniform as a free agent and excel. But that is not the only reason I love CC, there is more.

CC Sabathia is the type of pitcher you want on the mound when your best player gets hit above the belt. He is the type of guy you want in your dugout if a fight might brake out. His heart, his passion is what the teams need when it needs a pick-me-up. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Sabathia protect his teammates on the mound and on the field. He was the first guy on the front step, ready to put the beat down on anybody that got in his way and to be honest, that’s why most teams wouldn’t dare have a team fight with this team. Sure, they have big guys like Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, you could even had Luke Voit to that group now but it will be CC that leads the charge. I will miss that about him when he retires this season. If he had two good knees, I could see him going for 300 wins because we knew how a crafty lefty that give you innings will always have a spot in baseball but he doesn’t and when that day comes, I will be happy for him and sad that I will see another great Yankee leave the game.

The last reason I will write about is probably the best one, his podcast with Ryan Ruocco called R2C2. It is hilarious and insightful. Sabathia has no problem throwing around f-bombs and he does it with ease. Its in a good way and the way you would expect someone like CC to talk because he is kid from SoCal at heart. He is funny and genuine but most importantly, he seems to really enjoy doing the podcast. There is hope for me that I will see more of Sabathia in the future, whether it be via the podcast or some TV work at YES. If I was the YES Network, I would pounce on him and see if he wanted to host the postgame show or give him his own show. He is talented beyond the field of baseball and I hope that he continues that type of work because I’m sure he will be great at too.

Congratulations on 3,000, CC Sabathia.

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