Big Ben Tuesday: NBA, NHL Finals Drama, KD and Get Well Big Papi

Still think the Warriors are better off without this guy?

STAMFORD, CT – If this were a real blog, we would have an editor and maybe some occasional support. But here at MTM, we have an annoying jackass who stops by one a month to give us a hard time about capitalizing the “d” in deGrom or not capitalizing the “B” in LeBron. It is what it is, I guess. But then again, so is everything. Anyhooza, the NBA and NHL Finals are winding down and Big Papi got shot in the DR. Let’s discuss.

The Durant Decision

I might end up being right about the NBA finals ending before the NHL finals, but not the way I expected. The takeaway is that I shouldn’t make my predictions if I’ve barely watched the sport… and that I’m an idiot.

Kevin Durant practiced on Sunday and was listed as questionable for Monday’s game. He didn’t stay on the court long, and his likely torn Achilles has Knicks fans reeling. His effort should shut up the haters but he risked bazillions of dollars in free agency. The Pyrrhic victory saw the Warriors stave off elimination, 106-105.

More About Durant: Sure he’s made a lot of money, but who wouldn’t want to set up the next 30 generations of his family? Heck, it would have been a sweep if not for a brilliant Warriors third period (that’s hockey) quarter in Game 2 and now this comeback. Now he may be forced to exercise his 31 mil option and stay in Oakland San Fran.

P.s… The Toronto fans cheered Durant’s injury. Stay classy, Canada.

Still think the Warriors are better off without this guy?

One Game for Lord Stanley’s Cup

Moving over to a good sport, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals will be Wednesday in Boston. Paradoxically, the crappy slow ice in Boston benefits the Blues rugged and slower game. But Tuuku Rask is playing out of his mind and will surely win the Conn Smythe if the Bruins pull it out. Ryan “The Factor” O’Reilly should win it if the Blues can win Game 7 on the road.

Quick, name someone with consecutive U’s and K’s in their name.

I’m predicting the Blues to win a low scoring affair on the choppy ice, with both netminders playing well. Please note that this prediction is entirely based on me not wanting to see Boston get it’s freakin’ 13th title since 2000. Kill me.

Chara looked a lot more comfortable in his second game with the broken jaw. I did enjoy the shots of the Bruins about to come on to the ice, getting fired up, and hearing Zdeno grunting unintelligible encouragement to his teammates. “Grrr arrrghh rahghghg!”

Gambler’s Note: One effect on modern sports analytics on hockey is that it is now generally accepted that it makes sense to pull your goalie much earlier than teams have done in the past. Blues head coach Craig Berube is on board and has not been shy to pull Binnington with around five minutes left in a game if they’re down by two. I got a lucky backdoor cover on the over that way on Sunday when it was not looking good at 1-0 after two periods.

Big Papi
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to David Ortiz, the big-hearted nemesis of the Yankees, who was shot by some coward over the weekend. What a stupid world.

The big man found the empty net in Game 6.

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