Injury Updates on Giancarlo Stanton, Luis Severino and Dellin Betances; Will They Have Any Impact on The Playoffs

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Yankees have dealt with an abundance of injuries this season. There have been key players hurt and a few that remain injured to this day. Today I will specifically discuss three very important pieces that manager Aaron Boone hopes to get back this season.


This was the pitcher that was penciled in as the Ace of the starting rotation going into the season. The Yankees rewarded him with a new deal which is a rare for this organization for such a young player. They saw so much potential in him and rightfully so, he had his ups-an- downs his second year in the bigs but overall fans had to be impressed with his body of work. Its hard to imagine that he will have any impact on the team this season but there is a report out that he will take the mound this Friday with Trenton Affiliate. At best, I see a pitcher that if healthy can give you two to three innings at this stage of the season. I know that Yankees aren’t afraid to patch a game with relievers so there may be a role of him yet.


I heard this funny stat the other and I could be wrong, but Giancarlo Stanton has only played in 9 games this season. That just blew my mind, is that possible, I would swear it was more than. It is pretty sad when you think about it, it felt like it was one injury after another, and they haven’t been the short type of injury because the season is almost over. It seems that Stanton did some light hitting but what type of timing will he have if he does get healthy? The right thing to say if your Aaron Boone is that you want him back, he makes the lineup more dangerous and yada yada yada. The truth is, it will be a adjustment not only at the plate but in the field as well. Not to mention you have Edwin Encarnacion as your everyday DH. I think he will have no impact on the playoffs this season.


He is as dominant as they come for a late game reliever. When he is on… you will see a lot of strikeouts but when he is off… a ton of walks. Let’s not forget that he is very easy to steal and can’t really throw to first base, it is weird. Still, with Aaron Boone leaning on his bullpen so much this season, who want a guy like Dellin Betances. To his credit, Betances has been an all-star for the Yankees so you know you’re getting way more good than bad when he is on the mound. For the players the Yankees hope they get back, Betances worries me the most. He will be pitching in the same game on Friday with Severino so I hope both get out of that game without any setbacks. The more pitchers you have the better and it certainly would help this team that they have some impact this season.

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