NY Jets Season Over, Mets Chasing the Wild Card, Syndergaard Catcher Issues “Thor Thubject”

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Any other job would have fired someone for submitting articles 12+ hours after the deadline. Thankfully, working for Meet The Matts isn’t a real job in the conventional sense, so let’s get into it. Today’s topics: NY Jets Season Over, Mets Chasing the Wild Card, Syndergaard Catcher Issues.

NY Jets Season Over Being a J-E-T-S fan means if there is a wrong decision to be made, they will make it. After the old GM decided to low ball a Pro Bowl kicker, the Jets are now struggling to find an adequate replacement. They got a new GM and decided to let Josh McCown retire, who quickly unretired to play for Philly. So now Sam Darnold gets Mono, and I mean what grown man with a professional job is getting Mono. I know technically Darnold is probably old enough to still be in college so you want to give a pass but I mean you are a millionaire, so how dirty are you living. Anyway, so now Trevor Sieman is the hope of the Jets against the Browns and the Belicheats. This will get ugly and if you know a Jets fan, check them for alcohol poisoning on Sundays.

ny_post, Sam_Darnold, mono, Meet_The_Matts, junoir_blaber
NY Post gets props for this one.

Mets Chasing the Wild Card: I looked up the Mets are 2 games out of the Wild Card. I was shocked that they were that close. I keep saying, I know it will end in heartbreak, and I am sure it will, but I am starting to believe they might do it. The pitching is staying solid and the hitting is coming through when needed. You cannot deny that this team just may be good enough to actually make it. I don’t think the bats are good enough to make it beyond the NDS but for know let’s just worry about them making the one game playoff.

Syndergaard Catcher: Speaking of the Metsies, this is Thor thubject.  We now have a problem with the second best pitcher on the team. Noah Syndergaard sucks when he pitches to number 1 catcher Wilson Ramos. Thor has a 5.09 ERA in 15 starts with Ramos as his catcher and a 2.22 ERA with Tomas Nido or Rene Rivera. However, Ramos leads the National League with a .402 batting average since Aug. 1. So last night Syndergaard pitched to Ramos and the Mets lost and Syndergaard gave up 5 runs. It makes no sense. Knuckleball pitchers get their own pitchers, so why is the Mets manager, a former pitching coach, going to handicap his second best pitcher? Apparently Syndergaard had a sit-down with manager Mickey Callaway and GM Brodie Van Wagnesum. Brodie being present says it all. Obviously Callaway is lab dog, as BVW wants to run everything and thinks a pitcher having his own catcher is overrated. This will doom the Mets and I can see the final game of the season and Brodie dictating that Thor pitch to Ramos. Wait for it, it is coming.

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