Monday Morning QB: Knicks, NFLPA vs NFL, Tokyo Olympics

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Hi everybody! Wondering what I’ve been up to? I knew it! See, I’ve been super busy selling homes and renting them out. Why? Because people are racing to live in Buffalo after I posted ads saying the Coronavirus can’t live in cold weather! Yet despite all that, I managed to pull out a last-minute gem for all of you… because that is what I do! Yay! With that, here are today’s ramblings: NY Knicks, NFLPA vs NFL & Tokyo Olympics.


So I heard some stat  last week that the Knicks had their lowest attendance at MSG in decades. Apparently only 3200 people came to watch the latest Knick loss. That makes me happy but I still think that’s probably 3200 people too many. NEWSFLASH: James Dolan – as the owner of the Knicks – has ruined the franchise. Other teams have had rough patches and rebuilt faster than what is going on there. Every time there’s a supposed plan in place, it gets blown-up for some quick big name buy or whatever.

David Fizdale was supposed to help coach up these guys and it didn’t happen. We were  stuck with Fizdale having to coach up these guys because last year going into the free agency we were promised Kevin Durant and another big name along with the number one pick. The Knicks didn’t get the number one pick; they got a couple picks lower and plucked RJ Barrett, who isn’t bad. However, he was supposed to join in with Durant, who was not signed despite the Golden State med staff saying his Achilles was fine. Dolan and the Knicks medical team decided that it was not fine enough, so they let him go to Brooklyn. That started a domino effect of them not being able to sign Kyrie Irving or anybody else because everybody knew the Knicks were full of it. So, until James Dolan exiles himself, sells the club or maybe goes Charlotte with the team moving and being replaced by a new team/owner, fans should boycott. And I’m not even going to give Spike and Charles Oakley any credit. It’s way too late. They needed to stop going 5-10 years ago.


Apparently the NFL Players Association and the NFL are arguing over salaries and stuff again. I’m sure they’ll have it ironed out because those people want to make money more than they will ever want to have another strike. Although if we do have another strike there seems to be plenty of players ready from the XFL to come over and work as scabs. There’s a great documentary on ESPN “Year of the Scab”, about the scabs and the characters that played in the NFL during the strike-shortened season 1987. One I can’t believe how old  I am that 1987 doesn’t seem that long ago, but the documentary is fun to watch and see where the league was and how low it was decades ago before it became the number one sport in America.


I didn’t even know the Olympics were going on this year. In retrospect, I kind of knew because I follow rugby and there was/is lot of talk re qualifying, so it should have clicked, but it didn’t. That’s what happens when you get busy with two toddlers and a new job, I guess. As a kid, I remember the Olympics because my parents liked watching and as a family of seven, we’d watch the big events like the track and field, which my dad loved. But I guess I’m old and have too many distractions. I don’t know if I’m going to sit down my kids to watch either. They’re really young. Maybe once it’s here I’ll be paying more attention. I’m waiting to see somebody light the torch better than they did in 1992 Barcelona but I don’t think it’ll happen. Athough Atlanta using Muhammad Ali was great, nothing beats The Greatest.

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