Monday Morning QB: Mets Spring Training, NFL Combine, NCAA Tourney

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS  Hello everybody!! I thought Matt would clean up the mess of an article that I wrote but apparently he is out in Los Angeles. I am not sure if he is visiting West Coast Craig, buying weed to help with his back pain or actually working. Either way, I had to clean-up this collection of the ramblings from my mad brain. Here are today’s ramblings: Mets Spring Trainging, NFL Combine, NCAA Tourney.

Mets Spring Training: Spring training is here and let me look at my Mets. Every year it all begins with loads of hope that this maybe our year and you know if just a things go right for us, like every other team, the Mets might just pull it off. Right now the team looks good Jacob de Grom just pitched yesterday and he had a good 3 innings so he looks like he’s going to get back to his normal self which just means being the best pitcher in baseball. there is still concern over whether Noah Syndergaard can get himself back to him being the number two man in the rotation. And hopefully then the rest of the rotation will round itself out following Marcus Stroman as the number 3 pitcher. With the bats, there’s a question about whether Robinson Cano still has it at the age of 37 and if the men should start looking to replace him with somebody more upside but that’s a massive contract they’re holding. Top Double A prospect Andres Gimenez is looking very good in spring training and he might come out of it moving up to the AAA or with a chance to come up to the Big Show this season based on injuries or expanded roster. So that is the spring training report for now we’ll see how well they develop going into Opening Day.

NFL Combine: – I can’t believe the NFL combine survives, but that is because it is still entertainment to die hard football fans. For a lot of them they get to the claim this guy that they saw light it up and put up great numbers will be a future all time great or  I’ll look at this guy, and off these numbers my team should pick him. To me is always comes down to the age-old axiom that the game is played on the field. No matter what his vertical leap is and 40 yard dash time or anything like that there’s been a lot of successful NFL players and some hall of famers who were low draft picks or undrafted free agents and just got the opportunity to show the importance of hard work and focus. A lot of high draft picks have been successful too but that is not the point. The point is that as much as the combine reminds us of just how many high-level quality athletes that play in NFL or that don’t even make the league, there’s a lot of guys that do and their combine numbers aren’t the end-all or be all.

NCAA Tourney: – It’s getting to be that time of the year again with the unpredictable NCAA tournament. Well now we’re gettingready for all the pre-tourney tournaments aka the Conference Championships and end of the season big games. I may have to start watching on some of these teams perform hoping I can do better in my bracket pool this year because that’s really what it’s all about. I don’t really care about anything else about these teams in the seasons or anything about their players and/or special interest story. I just want to win my bracket and have bragging rights. Are we going to do an MTM one this year because I think we should.

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