Big Ben Tuesday: Three Great Speeches From Sports Movies to get us to the Covid Finish Line


MOS EISLEY, USA – The first time my Beer League Hockey team made it to the finals we noticed NHL great Marty St. Louis coaching on the ice before our game. There was a sleek NY Rangers bag next to a fancy pair of shoes in our locker room. Of course the items turned out to Marty’s and he came in to get them while we were getting dressed. The following exchange occurred:

MARTY: Big game tonight, eh boys?
ONE OF OUR PLAYERS: Yeah, got any tips for us?

Marty laughed as he gathered his things and it didn’t look like he was going to respond. But as he opened the door to leave he looked back and said:

MARTY: You’re only as good as your last shift.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been killing this quarantine thing and are still finding time to get out and demand justice and change. #blacklivesmatter. We still need to finish strong. Let’s not blow it now.

Here are Three Great Speeches FromSports Movies to provide a little inspiration to get us to the finish line.

But Goddammit, I’m Still Standing Here and I’m the Ram

I know pretend fighting is not actually a sport, but I love this moment. The pandemic sucked. A lot of people died and a lot of people are struggling. But we’re still here and all we can do is keep bringing it. What else you got, 2020?

It’s About How Hard you can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward

This clip for Rocky 27 is a bit corny, but appropriate. “We’ve taken some hard hits” should be the 2020 motto.

Health officials said you can go out in the pandemic as long as you’re protesting. But if you want to go to the movies, you’re killing grandma. It only makes sense if you don’t think about it.

I Love You Guys

This isn’t the famous “in my book you’re gonna be winners” speech that everyone knows from this movie. But Gene Hackman’s heartfelt delivery of the “I love you guys” line is the best moment of the movie. Coach Dale has realized that there are more important things than winning.

I love that the peaceful protests are long outlasting the “professional agitators” and real changes are in motion. I loved seeing Von Miller and the Broncos out there marching. I even loved Drew Brees’s apology and response to Trump.

Maybe 2020 will be remembered mostly for positive changes instead of stupid Covid.

You’re only as good as your last shift. Soon we’ll be drinking margaritas on a beach with our friends close. Better days are ahead.

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