Sports Rain Man: Bills Fan Pain, NY Mets, RIP Toots, Get Well The Dude

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday… You know most of time when you’re fired, you’re not allowed to come back to work and the boss is not allowed to keep asking you for reports. But things are different here at MTM. After being fired from the regular Monday slot due to my inconsistencies of meeting my deadlines, I’m back consistently pinch-hitting in the Monday slot again because nobody else is foolish enough to do it. I don’t quite know how it works. I’m like Milton from Office Space because I’m still showing up to work even though I’ve been fired. Short Matt is a different strain of Milton, since he fires you but keeps showing up and demanding an article… Let’s deal in the present, though. Here’s the line-up: Bills Fan Pain, NY Mets, RIP Toots, Get Well The Dude.

Bills Fan Pain

The Bills beat my NY Jets yesterday and I’m sure Bills fans are all excited and believe they are going to go to the playoffs for the third straight year. It’s cute seeing how Bills fans get excited. It’s a big deal for them, considering that prior to this little string of playoff appearances, the previous drought was long/old enough to vote! Yes, they’ve made the playoff two straight years but they were one-n-done. This year may be different, as Tom Brady is no longer with the Patriots, the odds-on favorite to win the division. Retired MTM writer DJ Eberle is all excited and claiming Da Bills will go 12-4 and Josh Allen can be an MVP.  Many wont find this funny but it is to me because now that the team is finally good, we are in the COVID-19 Era, so no fans get to see the games in person. In the words of Nelson from The Simpsons, “ha ha“.

Josh Allen, Bill, Jets, Junoir Blaber, Meet_The_Matts, Steve Cohen, Mets

NY Mets News

I was going to write about the Islanders but you know they’re down 3-1 and about to be eliminated, which makes me happy. So I’m not going to delve into that anymore… Instead, I want to talk about the other orange & blue team currently plaing. Two things struck out to me about the M-E-T-S: 1) Despite being really bad, because of baseball’s needing teams make the playoffs/nonsense, the Mets are only three games out of the last seed and look far better, somehow, to make it because they seem capable of winning games here and there and putting together a short run. Meanwhile, the Yankees, who are currently 7th in the AL, are falling fast because they can’t get it together. So there is one bit of hope for the Metsies but we will see what happens. I predict they’ll come close but fall short because they always do… In better news, it looks like Steve Cohen is going to be signing whatever agreement or deal they have in mind today to become majority of the owner. Unfortunately it won’t go into effect until November but I’ll any progress in getting the Wilpons out is good news. Thank you, Steve.


Eternal Farewell to Frederick Nathaniel Hibbert aka Toots Hibbert – sometimes just known as Toots, the Reggae Pioneer and Legend. If you are a reggae fan and talkin’ classic reggae, this is a big dog. His bandmates announced he died a couple of days ago from complications of COVID-19 but he will forever be remembered as a music icon and legend in his time and in Jamaica. Rest in peace Toots.

Get Well Wishes to the Dude

We have die-hard fans here at MTM but in terms of regular commentary the Dude is a legend. Apparently he fell off his bike the other day after being wobbly (while sober). They found a brain tumor and whisked him into surgery. He is recovering but we miss him Get well fast, buddy, and be safe.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for zany Ben Whitney

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