Kyler Murray Follows Tom Brady Down Cringe-Worthy Trademark Path

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NEW YORK, NYWhat is it with certain celebrities that suddenly, out of the blue, they snap and lose all sense of what is just plain douchey? Look at Rudy Giuliani, for example. Once hailed as America’s Mayor for his calm and present leadership in the aftermath of 9-11, he has now completely lost the plot. He’s some kind of cartoon-villain-meets-a-Mel-Brooks character. Is it that they no longer have an inner circle that will tell them that they look or are acting utterly ridiculous? Hell, I get reamed daily by the MTM Staff and the likes of JG Clancy on a minute-to-minute basis… and that’s when I’m doing things on the up-and-up. But Jesus H. Christmas, lunacy is now completely en vogue as Kyler Murray Follows Tom Brady Down The Cringe-Worthy Trademark Path


First it was Tompa Tom or Tampa Brady, whatever he’s calling himself these days, who gave Mets fans douche-chills (credit Robin Quivers) in chasing down the legal rights to the nickname George Thomas Seaver earned one thousand times over, the ever-so-apt, Tom Terrific. That was/is nothing short of blasphemy. Brady, who apparently wants to out-do Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, and/or Diddy in the Name Cache Competition, took much deserved heat for his sin but that was blasphemy in the secular sense.

Enter Kyler Murray…


This one is surely to engage Angry Ward, as it was his Vikings that were on the losing end of a miraculous play; Dallas Cowboys QB Roger Staubach to Drew Pearson in the 1975 epic. Sure, there may have been some pass interference , but the play stands as one of the iconic in the history of the NFL. And it organically gave us the term “Hail Mary” when referring to a last-gasp pass play to win a game. That’s how Staubach described his heave downfield. BUT NOW… Tom Brady disciple Kyler Murray wants to trademark the phrase. Aside from being blasphemous in the literal sense (he’s attempting to monetize a prayer), it’s not like his version was the first. Or even the 2nd. Or even the 100th. Hell, Doug Flutie should gather all the guys that have done it and issue a Cease & Desist order. It’s just such a douchey thing to do, one can’t help wonder if the guy is just nuts. And look, I HATE THE COWBOYS and don’t want anything good to happen to them, ever. But this thing belongs to Roger The Dodger/Captain Comeback, not Hail Murray (TM).

Tom Seaver is shaking his head someplace.

That’s it. Leave your thoughts on the above or anything sports-related below and come back tomorrow for Cowboys Kool-Aid Chugger Cheesy Bruin and his really sh*tty FREE NFL Picks.

Rudy_Guiliani, Kyler Murray, Tom Brady, Tompa Bay, Tom Brady, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy, Dick Dastardly

P.s… If Zero Mostel and Dick Dastardly had a son, it would be Rudy Giuliani.

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