Gluttons For Punishment: Fans of Mets, Browns, Bears, Orioles… A Wilder Fury Prevails?

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ST. LOUIS, MISERYGluttons for punishment.  The phrase accurately describes Mets fans,  Bears fans, Browns fans, Orioles fans, all NBA fans and certainly all contributors to this site. Simply put, all of these groups keep showing up to get punched in the face for no reason – beyond foolish pride and obligation. Within these and other groups are a select few masochists that enjoy the pain, of which I am one.

I enjoyed watching my Cardinals stare into the light while dying slowly in the Wild Card game that no one though they could win… I enjoyed watching my Chiefs blow two early games this season due to foolish mistakes… I enjoyed Arsenal being awful last year and this year so far (fire Arteta)… I recently got back into combat sports…  I have enjoyed getting kicked in the head and choked out numerous times a practice. I have enjoyed being placed in triangles and arm bars.  I have enjoyed needing to puke because I am gassed.  However, even for me there are some things that are just unbearable.

Cam James

Cleveland Guardians – Congratulations Seattle Kraken.  Cleveland exonerated you from having the worst professional sports name by a factor of one hundred.  A five-year-old could have come up with something better.  From now until the time some woke fool finds a reason that the Guardian statues are racist, the city of Cleveland will have to deal with going to… Guardians games.  It simply hurts the ears to say.  The bridge the guardians protect isn’t even a pretty bridge.

The greatest sadist/masochist I ever knew was a guy in college who was only known as “Party Boy.” Party Boy would declare certain nights as “going hoggin.” The goal was to bring home a girl who was at least 250lbs. I am fairly certain that even Party Boy won’t be showing up for a… Guardians game. It’s beneath him. And he’s low.

Playoff baseball at 11am – If you live on the west coast, the Astros v Chi Sox game started at 11am yesterday on a network that most of the country doesn’t even have. It pains me beyond comprehension that MLB would take two of the best teams in two very large markets and make it to where no one can watch the game.  My guess is that an average Monday night baseball game between the Blue Jays and Orioles will get better ratings than a playoff game at 11am. If you want to grow the sport, make it so people can watch the game. I doubt many people in Chicago and Houston will stay up to watch the LA/SF game.  They certainly would have watched their own teams in prime time.

Deontay Wilder – Just go down. Save the world the undue pain of watching you get summarily destroyed by Tyson Fury again.  It’s too painful to watch your brawling style get picked apart by a real boxer. Fury TKO in 10.

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