Clown Game, Curt Schilling and Wes McCauley

NEW YORK, NY -We had snow! Remember snow?! It only took until the 6th of January to get it here in Atlanta. Wait… This isn’t f*cking Atlanta! You’d think from the local news/weather reports, however that we’re somehow not supposed to have cold temps or snow here in the northeast. And that’s just a snow-job, if you will… With that seque of segues, here’s what we’ll be looking at today: Clown Game, Curt Schilling and Wes McCauley

This story may have slipped under your radar but is worth… a giggle… See, the UMFC (Urban Meyer Fallout Circus) continues in Jokesonville (TM) as fans will be dressing as clowns to protest their abysmal season. Adding the proverbial pie-in-the-face is the news that the title sponsor for their finale,, is suing the beleaguered Jesters Jags to avoid its name “…being emphasized as the primary sponsor of the clown game.” Ouch! That’s like adding boiling water to that squirting lapel flower! Really, though, what should JJ fans have expected with an owner that looks like a Barnum & Bailey ringmaster? Ironically, the ceiling collapsed re’s patience, and they want their $600,000.00 back. Not sure that any decent Judge Judy will rule in their favor, however, as there are no guarantees in the world of sports advertising. Believe me, I know. SIDE NOTE: Owner Shad Khan‘s name is only two syllables.

Red Sock

Apparently, that wound under the bloody sock is still open. With the news that Controversy Curt is standing by his desire to go into the Baseball Hall of Fame – if elected in – as an Arizona Diamondback. He prefers their cap to that of the Phillies, for whom he played the most but says he wasn’t that good because of injuries, and Boston’s. Here’s what he said about the latter:

“The ownership in Boston is comprised of some very, very bad human beings who on my way out of baseball did things to myself and my family that I’ll never forget. I forgave them, but I’ll never forget it. Unfortunately, it severely tainted my experience. My experience ending here should have been one of immense joy given what we were able to accomplish in the four or five years I spent here… and it didn’t because of what they did.”

Wow! A penny for your thoughts, Schilling? Sounds like somebody needs a hug… Anyway, we can all exhale now, knowing the backstory behind something that has worried us all for so long.

Not sure how this guy has gone unnoticed by yours truly, but I’m lovin’ this NHL ref. The personable McCauley seems to think that hockey is, after all, just a game… and meant to be fun for everyone. Even when it comes to two guys duking it out. Sure, NHL purists like Cheesy Bruin, Different Matt and Ben Whitney might want to skewer him, arguing that referees should be invisible. That’s old fart thinking, IMHO, so they can get the puck out of here. Here’s what has me giddy and looking for his next assignment (You have to watch on YouTube):

Kudos, Wes, you’ve got a new fan.

And with that, we’ll end for today. Feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for a our version of that guy in Monty Python’s Holy Grail who refuses to stop fighting, despite no limbs, Grinding Ax Walt.

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