Reggie Miller, Daryl Morey and Saturday is a Rugby Day!

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -While I’m freezing my rugby balls off here (sans coat) because Alexa said it would 50 degrees here all weekend, let’s get to some quick hits for your consideration today, whilst my teeth chatter:


Welcome to the home of Colts and Indy 500.  And the Indiana Pacers. Those are three pretty big sportsy type thingys for a relatively small city. I knew the Colts were here but blanked on the cars and hoops stuff until seeing a race car in the airport lobby and a billboard of Reggie Miller. The Lyft driver didn’t understand why I was shaking my fist at that billboard. Obviously she is a Knicks fan. Pfft. Stupid driver. Was I really angry at Miller or was it that seeing him had me think of Charles Smith’s epic failure? Still don’t know. Anyway, it’s one of those “…nice play to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there” towns, chock full of nice, [suspiciously] friendly people. But damn you Reggie Miller!

Daryl Morey

Buddy Diaz is likely the only MTM Staffer that knows who this guy is, being the basketball nut that he is. Morey is the guy that trades problems for problems for a living. Who the f*ck is he? He’s the President of the 76ers, who I never heard of before this morning until his name popped up in my “sports news” search. He made the cut in today’s MTM edition because he comes across as somewhat of a douche, which means he’s likely just a douche. Check out what he said on the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast re trading Ben Simmons for James Harden (thus the problems for problems line)

“Obviously, lots of options that we had to consider. I think anytime you lock in one path, one scenario, you get in trouble in this league. And it’s those other options that allow you to make the right deals and things like that. So I would say we had one other – I would call it almost a very good option that we liked, but then it looked like the James thing could happen, so… We had a whole plan of convincing Ben to come back to play. Who knows how successful that would have been? It didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to push on that option until we had to do it… There was a lot of planning. What will be said, who will say it, what meetings. Me, with the, you know, trying to convince Ben to come back. It would have been very demeaning. I would have been doing whatever it took, let’s just put it that way.”

For me, this comes across as really unprofessional and unnecessary nonsense coming from a guy that likes to hear himself talk. It reads like he just wants to be on the air. At the very least, it’s just another reason to root against Philly.

Saturday is a Rugby Day!

Finally, to help prep you for watching NY vs Atlanta on at 3pm today, let’s end with this educational video, one in which you need to know zero about anything, to get some entertainment from:

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