Post-Paddy’s Day, Incoherent Sports Talk

KANSAS CITY, MO – Wecome to KCAM AM radio 880 where our BAC is higher than our frequency.  Currently I am watching Darby O’Gill and the Little People and I am about a half bottle of Redbreast deep on top of some of Colorado’s special kind of greenery.  What does this mean for you?  You get what you get and today you get an incoherent [sports] ramblin.

Wow there is a hot chick churning butter to open the film.  Why won’t my wife talk with an Irish accent in bed one day a year?  I have to say I would probably let 1959 Sean Connery compromise my sexuality.

Ooh, a bar scene…  The bad man was denied whisky because he was being cross.  So they gave him a beer. This is the most Irish movie I’ve ever scene.  Speaking of stout: Didn’t Notre Dame play a basketball game recently?

The Yankees are going to suck. When I was a younger dumber sperm factory I would strike out with the women as much as I could because occasionally one d**k – and hopefully no sperm – would get through.  Baseball ain’t a vajajay, or even small hole.  It’s a given you are going to strike out some but on the diamond you need to at least get on base from time to time.

The Blues are losing to the Pens and the Isles just beat the Rangers.

Von Miller is signed for a lot of money to play until he is 39 in Buffalo That sounds more like a prison sentence than a sports contract.

Why is it that it seems all packers players end up in warm locations?  It’s almost like the women of Green Bay keep their coats on all year long.

This movie shot everything in perspective to make one dude look big for the little people scenes.  It’s basically the Lakers’ season in a nutshell.  LaBron surrounds himself with shit so he can chances a scoring title.

Baker Mayfield will soon be a Seahawk and win a Super Bowl with his twelve new draft picks. Russell Wilson is now a Bronco and will win third place in an Arapahoe County beauty contest.

Cam James

If I got three wishes from a leprechaun I would probably wish for….Wait! First let’s establish who would be my leprechaun! I’m fairly certain that Brian Kelly is not it. Ty Willingham would be fun.  Nope nope nope.  My leprechaun would be Sisqo.

How about them Mets Said no one.

Joe Judge is better than Aaron Judge at checkers… prove me wrong.

Song Yadong is the truth. If you don’t know who Song Yadong is then you don’t know the fight game. The dude has the fastest hands in the UFC.  Go look up his recent KO of Marlon Moraes.  Also Magomed Ankalaev looks like a lanky determined KhabibDagestan is churning out talent right now.

That’s it. Leave your incoherent ramblings below and come back tomorrow for Short Matt, who will be sitting in a box in Austin calling a game in Dallas between that team and Seattle.

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