NBA Playoffs Observations: Boston, Booker, Poole and Ben Simmons?

Booker, Pecker, Creepy Baby, Ben Simmons

SPANISH HARLEM – The NBA Playoffs are underway. Below are my observations from the start of the playoffs.

Will The Nets Make It Out The 1st Round?

The Brooklyn Nets are in real trouble after dropping the 2nd game to the Boston Celtics, 114-107. Kevin Durant’s uncharacteristic lapse in the first game’s waning seconds, as Jayson Tatum got behind him for a game-winning layup, is now huge. No doubt, this is/will be a hard fought series. Further, I’m sure there are some of you that still believe the Nets can win the championship. But are they even the better team in this series? I can definitely see the Celtics winning this round – blowing a 2-game lead is rare – even if Ben Simmons makes his comeback.

Jimmy Butler Heats Up

Jimmy Butler is not the first player you think about when you think “team guy.” His issues with teammates are well known and though he finally got a team to call his own in Miami, it’s not surprising when you see a blow up now and again. The one thing you can’t say about him, is that he is not a gamer. This dude cares about winning and will do everything in his power to make that happen. You have to admire that plus the 40 or more points he puts up to seal a win.

Devin Booker Down

Buddy Diaz

There was a very good feeling in The Big Easy after theĀ  New Orleans Pelicans won game two against the Phoenix Suns. That is because Booker left the game due to injury. He scored more than 30 points to close the half but was injured early in the 3rd quarter with a strained hamstring. Reports are he will miss games 3 & 4 – minimum. That has to have The Pels feeling confident and looking to take advantage of this opportunity. Its likely the Suns will win the series but this certainly adds more drama to a match-up that didn’t seem to have any.

Who The Hell Is Jordan Poole?

Maybe AngryWard will tell you that he knew this kid could play but I also know that for many of you, it will be your first time seeing him. I’m happy to admit that I saw him with Michigan, who is my NCAA team. He was one of our keys players when we made a run in The Tournament and I’m not surprised he turned out to be a good. The thing I didn’t expect, however, was that he would turn into a star player on a team that featured Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Even Draymond Green admitted that he needs to start somehow. Watch now and thank me later.

That’s it for now, comeback tomorrow for Cam Jamesor Different Matt. Rest easy, one of them will win the short straw.

Until next time…

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