Rangers Win Again, Lindor vs Door, Pro Rugby Team Booted from Post-Season

QUINCY, MA – Being on the road makes things more difficult. But you’re not here for excuses, you’re hear for some sports stuff. Let’s get to it  – because I gotta get back on the frogging road. Here’s what I got: Rangers Win Again, Lindor vs Door, Pro Rugby Team Booted from Post-Season

Rangers Win Again

You want to talk weird? Try watching the Rangers win in the Quincy Marriott bar, teeming with prom kids and… their parents?! Throw in the fact that one of the Rugby New York (that’s the Major League Rugby franchise) guys, John Powers wearing a Callahan #24 Rangers’ jersey after NY edged the New England Free Jacks in their regular season finale. He was surrounded by his teammates, so there were no Boston Bruins fans brave enough to drop the gloves. Yours truly, the team’s Gary Cohen, sat next to Dylan “The Butcher” Fawsitt and took it all in. All strange, indeed, but since when are parents getting all dolled-up (not really) and joining their kids at the prom party?! It looked like 15 wedding groups thrust in the same lobby bar. The bottom line, however, is that the New York Hockey Rangers are beating a very good Tampa Lightning squad. Maybe this is like when the Oilers edged out those legendary-but-aging Islanders sides. Me likey.

Lindor vs Door

There are a few important details to consider: 1) The mean-spirited door that attacked Francisco Lindor in Los Angeles was not the one that he entered his room through. In fact, it was the connecting door in his “suite.” 2) the finger the aforementioned door mangled is the middle finger. How the other fingers escaped injury is anyone’s guess but rumor has it that he was flipping the connecting door the bird. Either way, this is right up there with Keith Hernandez falling off the ladder (allegedly nude, BTW), Boddy Ojeda cutting his fingers with the hedge-clipper, David Wright doing ANYTHING and Duaner Sanchez getting hurt in a cab accident. “I’ll take Amazin Mets Injuries for $200, Alex.”

Pro Rugby Team Booted from Post-Season

Major League Rugby issued a brief statement yesterday stating that the Austin Gilgronis (a drink made by owner Adam Gilchrist – so yes, the team is named after a drink), are being dropped from the post-season for a salary cap breach. This came just before the final weekend of the regular season, and among other things, put two teams back in the playoff hunt after previously being eliminated. That’s just one development and all are waiting for the shoe(s) to drop,  as the salary cap has been dealt with rather in a wink-and-nod fashion for five seasons. Someone violated that universe and there may be some serious fallout – beyond eliminating a team from the playoff picture. Stay tuned.

And stay tuned tomorrow for Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis, who should name a drink/team after himself.

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