Wins Do Matter! The Curious Cooperstown Case of Jacob deGrom

WHITESTONE, NY  – The time is now for the baseball writers in New York to wake up. I continually read about a NY Mets pitcher, who is on pace to be on the injured list more than former Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury. They bring up his chances about eventually making it into the Hall of Fame. That’s when I ask myself, ‘Are the writers on crack or just wack?’

Jacob deGrom is a great pitcher, but the problem is he hardly wins. In eight seasons deGrom’s record is 77 wins and 53 losses. Yes, I watch his team lose 1-0 and 2-1 when he’s on the mound. But… I say the opposing pitcher pitched better.

To those who cry that the Mets don’t score runs for the 34-year old ace, there was a pitcher named Tom Seaver, who always figured out a way to get a win. In his first eight seasons Seaver’s record was 146 wins and 87 loses.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

There was once a pitcher named Don Gullett, whose career was riddled with injuries. Pitching for the Cincinnati Reds and NY Yankees, Gullett’s first eight years produced a 105-48 record. Not once did his name come up for Hall of Fame induction.

Met fans await deGrom’s debut in 2022. The club has been highly protective over their invisible ace, whose salary is 33.5 million bucks this year. It seems like every little tweak and turn lands him on the injured list. For a guy who hasn’t thrown a pitch this season the thought of him opting out of his contract is hilarious. In this day and age the number of wins for a starting pitcher doesn’t matter… what about days on the active list?

To the writers who are scared to write the truth, get off the pipe, man! Don’t try to school us about what deGrom’s WAR is, or what anyone’s spin rate generates. Stop trying to turn this great game into a college course. Don’t cheapen the most lucrative Hall of Fame in all of sports by writing about deGrom’s future induction when pitchers like Tommy John, Luis Tiant, Ron Guidry, and David Cone are on the outside looking in.

If wins for starting pitchers don’t matter, then why the hell are they getting paid so astronomically?

That’s it for now. Leave your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for a guy that wins more than he loses, Junoir Blaber.

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