Sports Rain Man: Shades of Mets ’07, Bills Cut Punter & College Football Season

Architects of the '07 Collapse

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday. I am trying to do this article in the middle of the day, Sunday so I am not sure if the Mets have won but I hope they did and that the Yankees lost [they both lost]. It is the only consistent wish I have. With that, here is what we will talk about today…. Shades of Mets ’07, Bills Cut Punter & College Football Season.

Architects of the ’07 Collapse

Shades of Mets ’07

I know I just talked about the NY Mets not folding. However, I kept thinking of how hard the Mets have to keep working to stay ahead of the Atlanta Braves. Being a Mets fan means you live with PTSD from close losses and painful defeats. I still can see Carlos Beltran taking that third strike and screaming at the TV.  So the way that Braves seem to be chasing the Mets gives me flashbacks of 2007. The Mets were being chased by the Philadelphia Phillies the whole season and it looked like they would hold them off, with a seven-game division lead on September 12, the Mets suffered a historic collapse by losing 12 of their last 17 games and missing the postseason. It appears that the NL East is so competitive that the 2nd and 3rd place teams have the two wild card spots so the Mets seemed assured of making the playoffs should they lose first place but that is not what is on my mind. The Mets won’t miss the playoffs, but I don’t want them in that WC play in game let alone backing into playoffs. However, I can’t shake the fact that it happened before and may happen again.

The Punt God

Bills Cut Punter

The Bills have officially cut 2022 6th round draft pick Matt “Punt God” Araiza. Araiza was formally charged in a civil lawsuit along with two other former teammates from San Diego State Univ. Football team. Apparently the charge is drugging a 17 year old girl and then him and his teammates had sex with her. The young lady’s lawyer notified the Bills in July that this lawsuit was coming and only after mounting public criticism did the Bills officially cut Araiza. What Araiza did wrong was he should have been a QB with a couple of playoff appearances and a win. If he had done that I am sure he would have been traded and be back in the league after a short time, maybe 11 games, if I had to guess and only 2.5% of his total projected pay. Another stat that is almost 2.5 is 3%; that is the percentage of rape allegations that are proven fake, so keep that in mind before you become that guy that steps to the plate to defend Araiza.

College Football Season

Junoir Blaber

[Note to the Editor: Please don’t change if the coach names are wrong. I want it to highlight my lack of knowledge about College Football and the upcoming season as I really don’t care.]

I want to take a moment and fill in the last topic spot with the announcement that the college football season is starting. The only thing I care about is that Deion Sanders keeps succeeding at Jackson State and gets them to a FCS bowl game or playoff, not sure what D1-AA does (like some people resist name changes so do I with this FCS nonsense. I hope Eddie George at Tennessee St. also does well. I know HBCU football is usually irrelevant but the way these guys are recruiting talented players to take a chance on them and even former NFL coaches including former Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer to come be their assistant. Apparently Jackson St. has pulled out of the HBCU conference championship as it clashes with the D1-AA, I mean FCS playoffs, and George has said if they qualify for playoffs, they are skipping the conference championship. HBCU Football is usually so bad, they never make playoffs or FCS bowl games so they have their own big time bowl game. For someone that claims not to care, it seems I know a lot. But that is only because Coach Primetime is shaking things up and ruffling the feathers of the powers that be so, you know I eat that up. The other things that I know going on is Scott Fross at Nebraska is a terrible coach as they lost to Northwestern in Dublin, Ireland in the “For some nonsense expanding the game by playing in foreign land and taking money” game. PJ Flick in Minnesota is gonna continue to do good things and will eventually get snapped up by a bigger team leaving the players that chose him, stuck. I feel for the Oklahoma coach that got caught using the N word by accident, so I hope Oklahoma sucks, especially since their coach from last season left for USC, where he will struggle. I don’t see how the D1-A playoffs aren’t gonna be a 3 SEC teams and 1 ACC team. It seems like that is how it has gone and will go cause no Pac-10, Big 12 or Big 10 team is gonna crash the party. I believe that covers it. Oh, wait, I hate Nick Saban and ‘Bama Sucks!!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who will educate me on my college football mistakes, allegedly.



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