Aaron Judge vs Trevor Bauer and Deshaun Watson

BRONX, NY – If we have met for even 30 seconds, you’re likely to be at least somewhat familiar with my absolute contempt for the New York Yankees. Simply put, I loathe them. This dark and deeply-rooted disdain, however, doesn’t necessarily apply to the individuals. It’s more organizational. Except when it come to the likes of a Roger Clemens. Then it becomes personal – as personal as fan and professional athlete can be – which is naught – that is. Aaron Judge is a Yankee. I want to see him fail. I want to see him on the IL with a sprained pinky nail. Yet he continues to plug away, under the biggest microscope in sports – mine – and thrive. The last thing I want to do is talk-up, praise, or in this case – represent – a Stankee. Wait.. perhaps that’s where the “fanaticism” of sports fandom comes in! By gads, have we just had an epiphany?! Regardless, we now find yours humbly making – get this – the case for Aaron Judge vs Trevor Bauer and Deshaun Watson!


How in the world do you tell Aaron Judge and his agent(s) that he is not worth more than Trevor Bauer’s annual $38,000,000.00? That’s what he’d be getting if he wasn’t suspended under the shroud of indecent behavior. Moreover, how do you tell Judge he should get less than the constantly-being-sued for lewd behavior Deshaun Watson?  It may be elementary, but Watson is getting $54,993,000.00 next year and more after that. You cannot tell the Judge camp he is not more valuable to the New York Yankees, the most prolific sports franchise in America, that Watson’s value to a team in Cleveland is higher… unless you have a GREAT poker face.


As a bitter, bald Mets fan that is called Short Matt in these circles, I’m supremely petty when it comes to 6’7″ Yankee superstars. I’ve called him Lerch and Herman Munster. I’ve compared him to Drago. But really, the guy is chiseled – in a natural-ish way, and actually good-looking. Damn him. He’s a lot more Jeter than anyone else – just in the outfield. And he may not be a farmer but he is… wait for it… outstanding in his field. Last night’s rocket throw to 2nd to nab some stunned Red Sock/Sox was eye-opening, to those not seeing him regularly. You may have missed, though, searching 17 possible networks to watch him chase Ruth.


GM Brian Cashman is walking into his Alamo this offseason and he has nobody to blame but himself. He may need to ante up $50,000,000.00 per for a guy that has an intimate relationship with time on the Injured List.

Stay tuned…

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