Aaron Wins Aaron, Jeff Saturday on Sunday and Twitter Fakes

Jeff Saturday and Kirk Cousins?

SPANISH HARLEM – Admittedly, today is one of those days where I find myself searching for something to write. Thank god for the internet… Here are today’s topics: Aaron Wins Aaron, Jeff Saturday on Sunday and Twitter Fakes

Aaron Judge Wins the Hank Aaron Award

What more can you say about the season that Judge just had, that wasn’t already said before? He couldn’t translate that in the playoffs but that can be its own article. Still, it was an amazing season that almost had him winning the Triple Crown. It was exciting to watch and easy to root for; that man carried this team when no else knew how to a hit a baseball and is the main reason why he will win the MVP. It will certainly lead to a boatload of money when the times comes, whether with the New York Yankees or some other team.

Jeff Saturday is a NFL Head Coach…HUH!

Yes, that’s right. The same guy you saw on ESPN, talking about football is the same guy that will coach the Indianapolis Colts. The hilarious thing about all this, Jim Irsay stating that his team will not be tanking. Well, you just hired a guy with no head coaching experience above the high school level, in the middle of a lost season. Sure, Jim, I totally believe you.

Twitter Check Marks

Buddy Diaz

Elon Musk selling the Twitter check has already started the circus you would expect. Let’s start with a fake LeBron James account, declaring he was requesting a trade from the Los Angeles Lakers. There was also a fake Adam Schefter account breaking news that the Las Vegas Raiders had fired Josh McDaniels. What confused most people the fact that each account had that blue Twitter check mark. Once we all saw that these checks could be bought, we all knew it would crazy out there. Be careful what you repost.

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