MLB Opening Day: Slowpoke Pete Alonso, 2nd Basemen Taking Over, deGrom Sucks

MIAMI, FL – All of us Major League Baseball fans were (or should have been) downright giddy yesterday. It was MLB Opening Day, after all. So… What did we learn? Here are some eye-catchers. Slowpoke Pete Alonso, 2nd Basemen Taking Over, deGrom Sucks

Polar Bear Shuffle

Jeff  “The Squirrel” McNeil had reason to get a little nutty after being given a strike for something he didn’t even do! See, there was a fowl bawl foul ball with Pete “Polar Bear” Alonso on foist first. Said Polar Bear took his sweet time getting back to the jumbo base after the foul. The home plate ump watched Slowpoke Pete like a parent watching a recalcitrant child taking their time after being summoned. Then the world stopped and was turned Topsy-turvy.  The ump punished Pete – via Collateral Damage Jeff – by adding a strke to McNeil’s count. That put the MLB batting champ in a 2-strike hole. This was with two on and two out in a pivotal moment. Buck Showalter did a fast-paced walk, ironically, to present some specious argument on behalf of the victim, but was turned away. No riots broke out, nor were there any 5th Avenue protests. McNeil being McNeil, ended up finding a hole [ahem] with a RBI single . A squirrelly moment, indeed!

2nd Basemen Taking Over

The Florida Miami Marlins may be on to something. Or maybe that just suck and continue to be rinky-dink. Against the Mets yesterday, after an offseason of planning, maneuvering and tinkering, they had FOUR 2nd basemen in the lineup. Wait! Is that the way to combat the banning of the shift?! Gads! I hadn’t thought of that until just typing it! Regardless, this plan backfired for  a day, at least, as 2nd Baseman #3 – CF Chisolm, let Brando Nimmo’s laser get by him for a big play in the game.

NOTE: Nimmo dove head first into 3rd base and I caught myself exhaling in relief at him being okay. He is going to get hurt doing that. He needs to go in FEET FIRST. Only the likes of a Starling Marte (a Rickey Henderson prototype) can do that.

deGrom Sucks

Some of you will disagree, saying it’s too early, but I was right about Jacob deGreed. The moment he opted out this time last year, yours maliciously was on him… like Phillies on Opening Day in Texas. He is a an average pitcher in terms of contributions now, and NOT WORTH HALF of what he got from the Rangers. And how great was it to see Altanta’s and Philadelphia’s aces get rocked/hurt? It makes Verlander’s armpit seem a little less absurd.

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