Anthony Volpe vs Giancarlo Stanton, WWE Legend Points Fingers at… ME?!

BRONX, NY – It’s but 4 days into this Major League Baseball Season and already we have BIG stories to make up! We’ll start with the drama unfolding in the Bronx re Anthony Volpe and Mark Giancarlo Stanton and then flip to Major League Rugby and the WWE.

Anthony Volpe vs Giancarlo Stanton

If you hadn’t noticed, the New York Mets have twice the wins that the Yankees have. That’s not lost on Yankees’ fans, as they are becoming divided over our trumped-up rivalry between the phenom and recipient of one of MLB’s worst contracts ever. The prevaricated hub-bub is about who is more valuable in pressure situations. It all apparently started with Stanton grounding into a game-ending double play. Fans went ballistic, cursing Giancarlo and calling for Volpe to be somehow inserted in the batter’s box for all of Stanton’s plate appearances after the 4th inning. Heck, they might have grounds for such a move, as per all the ridiculous rules now in place. Stay tuned for more on this #FakeYankeeNews story.

WWE Legend Points Fingers at… ME?!

It’s not every day that a WWE Hall of Famer calls you a “misogynist jerk.” Well, that boxed is checked for me. Have a look for yourself:

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