Zion Williamson Hot, Yanks In Ashes, Mets Burning, Rugby Sizzles

NEW YORK, NY – Wow! What a week this has been and we’ve still got 2 days lefts in it! Let’s get to the headlines: Zion Williamson Hot, Yanks In Ashes, Mets Burning, Rugby Sizzles

Zion Williamson Hot

Let’s face it, the Denver vs Miami match-up just wasn’t garnering enough NBA interest from fans. There was a dire need for a subplot. Enter Zion Williamson, with a good ol’ fashioned adult film star vs preggers girlfriend script in hand. Z-Will is hot! Without getting too deeply into the sordid details, this one includes the 5 Traditional Scandal Components:

1) Dirty stuff blasted on social media
2) Awful grammar,
3) Naughty behavior
4) Unsafe carnal activity
5) Bad decisions

The movie version will star Tom Hanks as Zion in his biggest challenge as an actor yet. We can’t wait to see his interpretation of the NBA star. Oprah is rumored to be in talks to play Moriah Mills (she of “the oldest profession”). Here’s but a few of her lines:

Let’s move on…

Yanks In Ashes

Literally, the Yankees and Chisox were in ashes yesterday. As in soot. And as bad as Yankee fans would have your believe their team is, things are actually going pretty f’n good in the Bronx. They got a split of a twin-bill yesterday behind a young pitcher and have a solid record. They have managed to keep themselves in the thick of things despite losing Giancarlo Stanton to injury for the 87th time as a Bomber, Josh Donaldson being on the team and Harrison Bader being out. Sure, Judge is hurt but he’ll be back and mashing in no time.

Mets Burning

That thick air that the Stanks and Chicago puffed through yesterday did not originate from a New York Mets dumpster fire. We can now confirm that. If you want to know how things have been going lately, what would say if you were guaranteed 10 runs and Justin Verlander on the bump? You’d say it was a win. Nope. The Mets are burning, folks. They are en fuego, but in the wrong way. They are popping on the grill. Let’s not underestimate the Braves, though. That is a GREAT team. All is not lost. If they can be 4 games over .500 by July 4th, they will contend for a postseason birth.

Rugby Sizzles

Take all the fire references and put them in one container. That’s how cool this rugby thing is, Ladies & Germs. Here are two shows that I dare you to watch.

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