Best Sports Show Opening, Mets Catching Yankees, Owen Farrell

LONDON, ENGLANDHip, hip… hooray!!! That’s what we imagine English people chant when Friday finally rolls up to the curb. Count this bloke in feeling/cheering that way. It’s been a week! But it could be worse, right? Right. And the toughest task we have here in Mattsville is to talk sports. That ain’t not so bad. Chin(s) up! Let’s stop the whinging and get to it. Here’s what we’ll be bantering about: Best Sports Show Opening, Mets Catching Yankees, Owen Farrell.

Best Sports Show Opening

Without question, Danny Barrett, a legend on the rugby pitch for Team USA in the Olympics and Rugby World Cup, has etched his name on the Best Sports Show Opening trophy. In fact, those that follow should be forewarned: Daniel Patrick Barrett, recently of the Houston SaberCats, is a force of nature. Tread lightly… As for you, watch this opening and tell me I’m wrong:

Mets Catching Yankees

Barrett is a diehard SF Giants fan, as he grew up in the Bay Area. He predicts that his Giants will be better than our Mets in 2024. I say he’s wrong. Why? Because the Metsies are about to emabark on a little run in this season’s remaining days; one that will secure a solid ’24 season. This little run will also see them STUN Yankees fans, as the team from Flushing finishes with a better record than the Bronx Bummers. Right now, it’s only 8 1/2 games to make up! Ya Gotta Believe! The Magic is Back! The Magic Is Real! Our Team, Our Time!

Owen Farrell

Owen Farrell is an odd cat. He plays the equivalent of QB in rugby, yet he’s a bit of a thug. And he gets away with murder, via high tackles with no arm wraps. But The Rugby Odds had legendary Irish rugby pundit George Hook on to take on Farrell – and the 82-year-old wins by knockout. You don’t need to be a rugby fan to like this. Have a look.

Oh… and here’s Danny Barrett in action:


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