MLB Talking Points As Races Heat Up

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NEW YORK, NY – We’re in that final month of the baseball season and as we enter the Major League Baseball playoff and pennant races, we’ve got two other major sports thingys to grab our fleeting and forever vacillating attention spans; the start of the National Football League season and the Rugby World Cup. Indeed, September is a kind month for sports fans. And no, I don’t care about NCAA Football. But since I’ve got a acute case of Pennant Fever, today’s yarn will be focused on MLB Talking Points:

The Mets added to their upper-level starting-pitching depth with a claim of Peyton Battenfield, whom the Guardians had designated for assignment earlier this week. Battenfield, 26, went 0-5 with a 5.19 ERA over seven Major League appearances this season. The Mets can use of “upper-level” and “depth” here are giggle-inducing. There is no truth to the rumor Peyton Manning was their initial target and that they simply got the only other professional athlete named Peyton.

The Other Acuña. It’s hard to become a “first” in the annals of MLB history – unless of course it’s for some sordid act. Yet, Ronald Acuña Jr. has done it. He’s the first player to steal 60 bases and collect 30+ homers. He accomplished the feat the other night, via a Grand Slam. THAT is pretty f’n cool. He’s hitting .337 to boot. If that Ohtani guy wasn’t around, most of our eyeballs would be focused on this guy. If little brother Luis is remotely close to his brozilla’s talent level, the Metsies may have pulled off one of the biggest trades in MLB history. That would make for two “firsts” in one paragraph, which may also be a “first!”

Bryce Harper is heating up, but really, he has had a great season coming off that elbow surgery. He’s also proven to be a guy I find myself rooting for – which wasn’t the case when he was younger. Wearing Philly Phanatic cleats and apparel and interactions with fans are endearing and pretty unique. Here’s Harper calling in on a sports talk show and giving a fan a thrill. CLICK THIS. My affinity for this player, however, won’t keep me from chanting “Phuck the Phils” at any opportunity.

David Peterson should be playing golf instead of pitching in The Bigs. The gallery can yell “Four!” every time he tees off, as you get set your Apple Watch to him being 4 strokes over or allowing four runs in four innings. Peterson’s pitching for his chance to actually stick in The Sho, yet can’t resist walking bottom-of-the-order hitters with 2 outs. He’s the lefty version of Dave Mlicki. Their problem(s) were/are between the ears, not about stuff.

San Diego sucks, yet unlike the Amazins, their suits didn’t blow things up. Are they worse off than the Mets going forward or will their stars rebound and mesh? Those Padres need to monk-up and pray for ’24. Maybe it’s the brown uniform choices.

That’s it for me. Feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Sports Rain Man, Junoir Blaber.

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