Rugby World Cup, World Series Pick

NEW YORK, NY – It’s nearing 80 degrees here in the Baked Apple and apparently our MTM Staff has an acute case of Spring Fever. We’ve also got a out-of-the-norm War of the Worlds this weekend, with the World Series and Rugby World Cup. What’s even more odd is that with Halloween on Tuesday, so people are dressing in costumes for various parties from today thru sometime in November. Frankly, it’s kinda fun being in the middle of the madness, but because of all of the above and/or something else, our designated writer is AWOL today. No worries, thought, yours truly is a great garbage time or mop-up sub.

The Rugby World Cup is today and bars in Midtown – like my beloved Pig N Whistle (where I’ll be) – will be teeming with fans. It’s South Africa’s Springboks vs the New Zealand All Blacks in a rematch of the 1995 Webb Ellis Cup match – the one depicted in the apartheid-breaking movie Invictus. It’s a great movie, even if you don’t like rugby and you don’t buy Matt Damon playing a Springbok that was 6’4″ – which I thought he pulled it off well.

Watch 3 minutes of this:

World Series Pick

ABTAnybody But Texass. That’s my mantra. I want to see Scherzer lose more than I want to see the D’Bags D’Backs win. I don’t want to see Jacob deGreed win, either. Yes, I’m bitter and shallow. The trouble is I like Bruce Bochy. He’s straight out of Central Casting for the Manager role in any baseball movie. He allows one to at least entertain – for a fleeting moment – that he is actually in charge. Conflicting me further is that Arizona’s crowd is full of yawning blue-hairs and crowd sounds are pumped into the stadium. That’s not kosher.

And with that, I’m off to help move the wife into a new Lean & Limber office space, before heading to the Pig for three hours of tailgating prior to the 3pm kickoff on NBC.

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